Monday, August 29, 2011

Swaddle Strap

Holy cow I am not sure how we lived before this amazing product came into our lives. You see my child needs to be made into what we like to call the baby burrito every night to be able to sleep. I happen to be pretty good at making this happen.My child sadly is better at undoing all of my hard swaddling work and this made sleeping through the night very difficult.

Can you see her  left arm already out of her swaddle? It is kind of fun to watch her on night vision
trying her hardest to break free after I spent a good 10 minutes trying to get her swaddled as tight as possible.

Fast forward to me looking up a new swaddling technique and coming across the Swaddle Strap. This might be the greatest baby product out there! Especially if only slept 2-3 hours in the past week.
Trying on our swaddle strap or the first time

It is literally a baby proof swaddle. It is cute and comfy and it magically helped my 1 month old finally sleep through the night and fall asleep all on her own without being rocked. It is a Christmas miracle! 

The first time we tried it out was for nap time. Normally I have always had to rock baby in my arms to get her to fall asleep before placing her in her swing or bouncy seat. If I just set her down after about a minute she would start screaming and I would pick her up. Well after strapping her Swaddle Strap on I set her down in her swing and waited for the fussing to commence but it never came.  My child who had never just sat and chilled on her own was enjoying swinging and taking everything in and after about 15 minutes she was asleep and I was in shock.

Now we are only  few weeks in and we have had our good nights (sleeping for 3 hours waking to nurse then back to sleep) and we have had our bad nights (not sleeping at all literally). I thought it would take a few weeks or even months before she started sleeping through the night so imagine my surprise after putting her down at 9 and waking up at 1 to her fussing.  I had not slept 4 consecutive hours in quite sometime. It actually scared me and I jumped out of bed thinking something was wrong. Well everything was just fine and my little lady got changed and I decided to try giving her her paci which hadn't been very successful earlier (she hated the darn thing and wold spit it out) and see what she did. Imagine my surprise when I went in to check on her because she was so quiet and she was sound asleep all on her own.

Fast forward to last night and I me trying to not get my hopes up  that this could all happen again. After being  up night until 3am the night before I had been reading all kinds of articles about "How to get your baby to sleep through the night" and everything seemed so harsh and so not me. We went through our nighttime routine bath, eat, play, cuddle, rock to sleep, swaddle, bed. Little miss only lasted a few minutes after eating and was out like a light so I decided to try swaddling her up while she was asleep. The swaddle strap is so easy to put on she never even flinched when I was putting it on. She did stir when I started wrapping her legs up (she has to have those wrapped up also or she will kick herself to sleep plus her perfect little toes get so cold), but she never fully woke up. Once again we all slept for 4 hours and woke up to get changed. I kept her arms swaddled up, but unswaddled her legs to change her and feed her. After she was clean and full I swaddled her feet back up rocked her in my arms and once again she was out.

She dd randomly wake up once after that because she as relieving herself (I thought that would sound better then pooping.) This takes her a while and you NEVER change her right after the initial poop because she is just going to do it 2-3 more times and Daddy and I have learned after changing diaper after diaper so we give her some to finish so I went and layed back down in bed giving her some alone time. Imagine my surprise when I woke up 3 hours later and she is passed out in her Swaddle Strap. I couldn't remember why her feet were unwrapped then slowly I remembered that I was going to change her 3 hours earlier, but had passed out.

I honestly can't believe this product could work so well, but after reading the reviews and talking with the people at Anna & Eve I can honestly say the Swaddle Strap really does work and it has helped our whole family sleep better then  I ever thought possible.

Sweet Sleep

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