Friday, April 27, 2012

9 Months

Much like my last post this post is a redo because I am an idiot and deleted my 9 Month post. Thankfully I had not added any pictures yet because that is the most time consuming part of Baby Love's monthly posts.
Sadly we are so far past month 9 that I can't remember too many small details about it. I do however remember all of the big stuff. 

This month was a lot like month 8. We are still army crawling with a few moments of real crawling. The funniest thing is you can crawl for realz, but you know you can get where you want to go much faster if you lay on your belly and crawl. You are such a little character. I love the way your little personality keeps growing and is getting bigger each and everyday. You laugh at EVERYTHING. You even have a pretty awesome fake laugh. It is hilarious because you do it all the time. You do it over and over and over again about absolutely nothing. And you favorite place to do it is in the little alcove by the front door. We finally figured out that you like playing in there so much because it echos and sounds funny when you scream. My new favorite thing that you do is give kisses. You now kiss everything! It isn't really a  kiss it is more like and open mouth deep throating

You still aren't feeding yourself and you absolutely refuse to hold you bottle or your sippy cup, but you will drink like a fish out of water if we hold your cup. You will eat absolutely anything as long as it is not pureed. I guess all of that butternut squash and sweet potato in the freezer will now be used to make some delicious bread or perhaps some cupcakes. You want real food and you want us to feed it to you you stubborn little monkey. 

You have had yet another ear infection. We just can't seem to get well  and it absolutely breaks my heart. You are such a trooper though and even when you are sick you are still always smiling. I swear your natural body temperature is above average because I take your temp daily and it is always over 99. I think you just run hot.

This month we celebrated your first Easter and you were absolutely precious in your dress and bonnet. I swore I would never make my children wear a bonnet, but you looked like a darn baby doll and I couldn't help myself.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

My poor sad laptop died and I am now typing on a computer that is roughly 7ish years old. My computer is so old the it guy at Microsoft tried to charge me $60 to help me fix something because my windows xp was 12 years out of date. Well you can suck it Microsoft it guy I don't need you and your fancy schmancy windows vista! Hopefully once I load the camera uploading  program on here I can upload all of Kinley's 8 month, March, and Easter updates and pictures. Pray for me and my outdated technology.