Friday, December 30, 2011

Baby's First Christmas. Be warned tis very pic heavy.

This by far has been the best Christmas ever. I am not going to lie, but I have been really stressed out this past week and I know I have not been a delight to live with, but once I was finished making the gifts, cleaning the house, and making breakfast for everyone coming over to celebrate Kinley's first Christmas I really got to enjoy the day. Poor Brent has also been on call the past 2 weekends and has had to deal with me. Thankfully he didn't get any major calls during Christmas and we all got to enjoy the day together.

I never thought I would be such an emotional mama, but sometimes I just can't help myself and this particular day was particularly sweet and emotional for me. I know that Mckinley had no clue what was going on, but just knowing this time last year we were just starting to tell everyone we were expecting and we didn't even know Kinley was Kinley yet just brought tears to my eyes. Picking out the first Christmas gifts we would give her brought me so much joy, but I new better then to go overboard since the grandparents and aunt Jen Jen would go wild this first Christmas.As I expected they went a little crazy with the goodies, but it just showed how much they love my little one. She made out like a bandit with big girl crawling and walking toys, precious clothes, and an awesome big girl chair.
Mama and daddy didn't do to bad either. We decided  not do a big Christmas for each other since Kinley was the main event and will be from here on out. I wanted something I needed and not just a bunch of stuff so Brent got me a new crock pot and new stackable Tupperware and I made him a Tigers sign and a few smaller gifts. I think Kinley's gift to her daddy was the best gift of the day.

There is nothing better then some baby hand prints. Shockingly this only took 1 try and a little white paint to cover up a few smudges.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not creature was stirring except for a Kinley


Must eat shiny green ball
Are these all for me?
Great Grandma/ GiGi

Santa Baby

Snuggling with Jane

Merry Christmas Morning. Let's open some presents
Mine all mine

Wheely bug
The best Christmas gift ever!

The Oball

Where's Kinley?

Helping mama cook Christmas breakfast

I think she likes it
Nini and Kinley

Hanging with Grandpa

Thanks Yaya for the beautiful Christmas dress

First Christmas as a family of 3

Supposed to be napping

Worn out

Ready for some more Christmas

Mama got a wagon for Christmas


 To top off our awesome first Christmas Brett and Cary were in town and got to meet the baby girl for the first time. I think they kind of liked her.

  I know I say this all the time, but I just never knew how much I was going to fall in love with this little lady. I know she didn't know what was going on or what any of this meant, but just being together with so many people I ,love and seeing how much they love my baby is the most amazing feeling.

So we can check off our first Christmas was a success. I am such a lucky girl and I can't wait to see what the next few days, months, years hold for our little family.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Next Christmas I Gave You My Heart

Since I am already mentally planning Kinley's 1st birthday I decided to go ahead and start planning next year's Christmas as well. Sadly I already have a stockpile of presents in the attic for next year and I will just keep adding to it as the year goes on. I just spotted something awesome on a blog I follow and I found a picture online and decided "I can make that!" I plan on starting this this summer since I will have so much time one my hands.

Feast your eyes on the felt camp fire! Cute right? I believe my new felting tool will come in very handy.

We will definitely have the felt marshmallows on sticks and Smores.

This will go great with the tent residing in my attic.
Bought at Target on sale for $7 originally $30

We will also need a little camping scene to make things really authentic.

I would really like to make something like this to round everything out.

I will be keeping a lookout at yard sales and the thrift stores for 2 little round stools to make some toadstools out of. Maybe I will be able to find a little round table to paint to match.

I would like a homemade Christmas next year. I plan on making some new decorations and hopefully most if not all of the gifts I give. I did pretty good this year and since Kinley will be a bit older and I won't be pumping I will have lots more time on my hands to finish my projects before Christmas eve.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

So far our first Christmas as a family of 3 has been the best yet. It's amazing how a baby changes everything. Why yes that is a Faith Hill song reference and that is a Christmas gift especially for my darling husband.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

2 wee little teethes (that is definitely a word).

Over the past month or so we have noticed a definite increase in drooling and hand/finger chewing. Also at out 4 month visit Dr. Pendergrass said her gum was swollen and a tooth would start poking through very soon. We have kept a very close vigil watching  Kinley's bottom gums waiting for this tooth to poke through. We've waited and waited and waited. And wouldn't you know her top teeth are coming in! Both of them. At the same time!

Check out my litte vampire.

Downside of finding teeth my poor baby girl is sick again. Thankfully I am off for Christmas break because when she started screaming bloody murder when I tried nursing her this weekend I knew something just wasn't right. Luckily my Dr's. office is really good about listening to worried mamas and not just brushing them off because mamas know their babies best and are usually 99% right. The biggest surprise at our appointment wasn't that Kinley had an upper respiratory infection or ear infection it was that she now weighs 15 pounds! I was expecting at least 14, but now I know why my arms are getting back in shape. It is the cute little chunker (that is also a word) I carry around all day.

Chillin witing for Dr. Pendergrass

Sadly we are taking another round of antibiotics which seem to be going down much easier then the last round and if you are a mam you know antibiotics make for fun diaper changes, tbu I can say we are already starting to feel better. Now if we could get past this awful coughing/choking and move off of the couch we would be all good.

Sleeping in the sling after choking in the crib (scary!)

Funny thing is if it wasn't for a sick screaming baby we may never have realized we are dopes and noticed not 1 but 2 pointy teeth pushing their way out.

Sleeping on the couch with mama
You can start feeling sorry for me now because I assume you are just now realizing not only do we have an ear infection (not fun), an awful cough which causes baby girl to whimper after each coughing round (not fun), but we have 2 yes 2 teeth coming in at the same time. Well don't feel too bad for me because it really isn't that awful. Kinley is a little fussy, but this is who I am ealing with so I can't complain too much.

So sick
There is A LOT of finger chewing and drooling going on and someone may be receiving some new plastic backed bibs in her stocking, but if this is how all teething will go then I think we can get through it relatively unscathed.

Well hello

Head up Feet up

Dog distraction

Tummy time talkin

Arm chub

Sweet Feet

Well hello there

Love her

Hold on!

Ready to start running! Better get back in shape mama

Gratuitous Jowl Shot