Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holy Crap I'm 30!

I used to think 30 was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old much more mature. Heck I used to think I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO old wise beyond my years at 20. Now that I have reached 30 I don't actually feel old more mature or wise beyond my years. I feel exactly the same just WAY more happy.

I never thought by 30 I would be married with a baby. I thought I would be that girl who just always never settled down. That was until I met Brent. I honestly don't think he knew what he was getting in to when he asked my dad if he could marry me. My dad tried to warn him and I am not joking. I think the phrase was "You know she can be a pain in the ass?" And yet he still married me.
I can't believe it has almost been 4 years since "Death Flashlights".

Everyone else is asleep now. Kinley talked and laughed until she passed out from our long day of visiting friend sand family. Brent has finally turned off the TV and I am sitting here watching David Letterman drinking a glass of wine, that I am supposed to be taking to Nashville, just thinking about these past few years. The Good Life is exactly what we are living. I know I always say we don't have much and we try to live a pretty simple life, but I meant it when I named this blog because it is
100% true. This life is Amazing and I am trying to remember to appreciate every single second every single day.

And now this old wise beyond her years lady needs to hit the sack. My glass of birthday wine is starting to kick in.

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Mrs. K said...

Happy Birthday Rox! <3