Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summertime Fun

Now that summer is almost over and I have barely posted because we have been so busy I thought I would just bombard everyone with a million pictures of our entire summer!

Here we go! 

We kicked off Summer Break with an eventful 2 days at Italian fest. My great aunt who passed at 103 was honored as a great Italian and my godmother Nini accepted on her behalf. We drank a lot of wine and had a blast with Mckinley's BFF and his parental units.

We celebrated Father's Day

We had fun with friends and family.

We spent about 95% of our time in water.

We visited the Botanic Garden and ended our adventure by falling off of a bridge and smacking our head on the concrete path.

We had a blast at the Children's Museum

We took a million pictures making weird faces

We ate a lot of food and had many floor picnics

We painted, played with play-doh and built with blocks

Celebrated the 4th of July

And just had fun

Not pictured is the significant amount of time the girl and I spent being sick. We both had a few bouts of the stomach bug, we both had a few injuries and of course a few fun itchy allergy days. I obviously didn't take many pictures on these days and no one wants to see me looking a dirty mamma mess so I will refrain from scaring you with images of towel covered couches and red swollen eyes.

This summer has been my favorite so far. This little girl of ours may be tiny, but she is bubbling over with personality. It is like she just can't contain it. Her smile is effortless and she can light up a room when she walks in. She gives the best neck squeezes and I love the look on people's faces when she runs to them arms wide open and literally jumps in their arms. There is nothing better than watching this little person you created bring such joy to so many people.

In a few days my baby will turn three years old and in a few more days she will be starting school and I have obviously not allowed myself to properly process this information. This child I brought into this world has broken through every expectation I ever had for her and has become an incredible little human being. I know I keep saying I am looking forward to the school year starting back, but I also really dread this amazing summer coming to an end. I am so thankful I took a million pictures to document all of the fun we have had.

If you ahve made it through this entire post I congratulate you and thank you for rehashing our entire summer in pictures.