Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Life Lately

With the end of the school year coming up fast and the wild child's social obligations I thought I would share what our life looks like as seen through my phone.Honestly it is just a bunch of pictures of my kid being a weirdo, but that is my life so that is what you get.

Dress up is one of our favorite past times

Mckinley got her first non mommy hair cut. I may or may not have messed it up right before Easter so we went to the professionals to straighten everything out.

I spy a little girl sitting in time out.

Mckinley won $15 at out school Easter egg hunt so she got to spend it on whatever she wanted. She choose a Frozen light up singing microphone and a bucket of ocean creatures.

Mckinle's first Star of The Week poster.

Tiny Taco at our school's lip sync competition. Her group won for most creative costumes.

Working out with mommy.

Papa and Yaya took her to a fair. They brought me back a member of KISS!

Nonni couldn't wait for her actual birthday to give her her Elsa costume. Everyday when we get home she takes off her uniform and requests to put this on.

Another day in her Elsa costume. Eating black beans in a box.

Mckinley's first Race For Education.

The first of many princess birthday parties.

And our other favorite past time besides dressing up like a princess is pretending like she is a cat.