Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aunt Lis Comes To Visit

My best friend in the whole wide world came to visit us Thanksgiving week and it was the best Thanksgiving ever! This was the meeting between Lis and Kinleyand I believe it was love at first sight. I loved seeing 2 of my favorite people cuddling and loving on each other. 

We spent Thanksgiving traveling between both Brent and my families where we all ate way too much and even though we were stuffed we just kept on eating (maybe that was just me). I am so lucky to have a friend who will drive 10 hours just to see my family and I hope someday soon Kinley and I will be able to make the trip to visit Lis.
All clean

A clean chubby monkey

With a quack quack here


My baby got mad head control


You've gotta steal kisses when she is actually being still

This one makes me laugh. I love that Kinley's eyes are closed

My monkey

Little Punkinhead

Happy Thanksgiving

Ready to do some eatin

Happy Fall Y'all


Mean Muggin

I think this picture sums up the visit. Mckinley loves her auntie Lis

Sweet kisses
There is just something so special about watching the people you love the most holding and cuddling your little.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Craft Nook

I need this

4 Months

Baby Girl I can't believe you are already 4 Months old!! I insist that you stop growing right this second. you are not allowed to get any bigger, but then I am torn because I want to know who you are going to become. You are already the coolest kid around so I guess I have to let you grow up so I can see how you turn out. We had our 4 month checkup and shots on the 18th and everything went very well. You are weighs 13.8 lbs. and is 23 inches long. 50th percentile all around. Such a little peanut, but my arms can definitely feel the changes. I am definitely getting my workout in everyday just carrying you around.

You are getting more and more active everyday and you are really working on sitting up all on your own. My new favorite thing you just started doing is playing with your tongue. Ya Ya discovered you love it when we run our finger over your mouth and you stick your tongue out. Now you turned that into talking while sticking out your tongue which makes the funniest noise. You are also working on raspberries. You have figured out that if you put your lips together and blow it makes a funny noise and some pretty neat spit bubbles.

You have mastered holding your head up, tummy time, grabbing, pulling your paci out of your mouth and putting it back in yourself. You still like cuddling in Mama's lap, but if we hold you so you can stand  you are even happier. You love Sofie giraffe and your baby giraffe lovie blanket, riding in the car and being outside especially when a breeze is blowing. You especially love being carried in your front carrier. I think you like that you are constantly sitting up and that you can see everything. Your favorite toys right now are your jumper and exersaucer. You are the smiliest happiest baby I have ever seen and your laugh is amazing. It is the best belly laugh and we get to hear it all of the time. Especially when mama eats your feet or pretends to eat your hands when you are. You finally started grabbing and playing with the toys on your exersaucer which means mama and daddy need to hurry and get some more batteries to make all of the toys work.

I am pretty sure you will have a tooth making an appearance very soon. You have been drooling for quite sometime and Dr. Pendergrass even said your bottom left gums were a little swollen. I was so happy when he  told me that he would like it if we waited until 6 months before we started any foods. I am not ready for that yet and you don't seem to have any interest in food yet so we will be holding off for a little while longer. You seem to be thriving on milk alone and I swear you developed a few new rolls just in the last week. Speaking of milk, Yeah us for making it 4 months!! Our first goal has been achieved and if we made it this far we can definitely make it for 6 months.

You successfully survived your first Thanksgiving. I can't believe exactly a year ago this week we were telling our parents we were pregnant. I still laugh when I think about my mom opening her present and it taking her a minute to realize what it meant and then it taking my dad even longer to realize even after me telling him that the ornament was a baby to get that it meant something very important. We decorated for your first Christmas today and I have to say it looks like Christmas vomited in our tiny little home, but we only get to do this first Christmas things once so we are going to do it right.

I am just amazed by you more and more everyday. I can't wait to see what you figure out tomorrow.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am Thankful for

My beautiful family. I always hoped being a mommy would be all everyone said it would be, but no one prepared me for how truly amazing it is. It doesn't hurt that I am supported by the most wonderful husband/father/best friend around.

My parents. They are the kindest, hardest working people I know. They have helped us so much through the years. There are so many things I never would have been able to accomplish without them. They are awesome amazing people and they taught me so much about being a good person and a good parent.

My sister. We may have fought like cats and dogs when we were younger, but there is nothing like a sister relationship. It is fun how it changes when you get older and you have that instant automatic built in best friend who you can tell anything to.

My In laws. It makes me sad to hear people talk about the monster in laws and how the don't get along. My in laws are amazing and they may love my baby girl even more then I do which is A-OK by me. She is lucky to be so loved.

My friends. We have some of the most amazing friends. My Best Friend just happens to be visiting for Thanksgiving and meeting Mckinley for the first time ever and I think they are kind of smitten with each other.
    My job. I am lucky to have one these days and it just so happens I truly love what I do and the people I work with.
    My class of little people. They are funny, smart, silly, and they just make it fun to come to work everyday.
    My tiny home. It is small, but it is perfect for our little family.
    My pups even though they have fleas.
    My stubbornness to accomplish and stick with things even though everyone said we never would.
    My health.
    I can not wait to celebrate Mckinley's first Thanksgiving and I hope she always remembers to be thankful for everything she has and not dwell on the things she doesn't.
    Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Tad Early (8 Months To Be Exact)

Car Car and I were talking today and he mentioned the coolest toy which I plan on getting for Kinley for her 1st birthday. It is the coolest!
"Adorable Baby Christmas Gift Ideas" \\ Ready, Set, Go Trike \\ Photo: © Jon Whittle
It is called Ready, Set, Go Trike. It starts out as a riding toy that mom or dad push then turns into a trike. Happy Birthday Kinley!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Photos

I am SO excited about getting some family photos taken in January. My friend mentioned an awesome photographer in Hernando who takes pictures there or comes to Memphis and takes pictures so I went ahead and contacted her about doing some 6 month photos of Baby Girl and our little family. I have been trying to find some cute outfits for us to wear and I think I already have a dress that works and I found  acute one for Mckinley and Brent can be comfy in jeans and a professor sweater (elbow patches). Here is what I am thinking.
You can find every single one of these adorable outfits at my favorite place to shop. Old Navy.

And while we are talking about things that make me happy check out this blog. It will change your life!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Grownup Christmas List

It's funny now that I have an offspring my Christmas wishes have changed so much. The ONLY thing I want this year for me is a new fangled Crock. Preferably programmable. Something like this.

The only other thing I would like would be the ability to pay off all of our debt and a new job for my husband boyfriend (he shall here on out be referred to as my boyfriend since that is what my babies call him or my lovah because that makes him very uncomfortable). If I can find a way in 2012 to at least pay off my credit card and Brent's card that would the best gift ever. I know we aren't disciplined enough to use the envelope system, but I am going to find something that works! Over Christmas and Summer Break I am going to save up all of the money we won't have to pay for childcare since I will be home and use that money to pay off my credit card first and then we will start working on Brent's card. I just keep telling myself one day we will be debt free and we can't make any less money then we already do and whatever Brent's next job is has to pay more then he makes now so we can do totally do this. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Christmas

I have already written a few posts about McKinley's first Christmas, but the closer it gets the more excited I get. I believe I am finished with Baby Girl's Christmas list and just in case anyone cares here it is and yes I am that person whose kid is getting all wooden, non battery operated toys. I didn't mean for that to happen it's just everything I wanted to get her was either wooden or fabric.

I have been eyeing this precious tea set for quite some time so I knew I would definitely be getting this for Mckinley's first Christmas. I actually purchased this a month ago and received 15% off. which made me love it even more. I LOVE tea and I would really like to do something special with Mckinley when she is older. I want to have "Tea Time" instead of snack time everyday. Something that we can do together just us girls.

2) The next present I didn't even need to buy my awesome MIL found a set at school, but you can get a set of Melissa and Doug blocks, but they won't be as cute as Babylove's vintage set of blocks.

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart.Opens in a new window
3) The newest addition to Mckinley's Christmas list is The Wheelybug Ladybug which is originally somewhere around $70.00, but I got for $21.00!

Wheely Bug Ladybug Ride-On Toy - Size: Small

4) Mckinley's newest lovEY from Daddy. He isn't really this tiny, but this is the only picture of Pouncer I could find. He may be the most expensive gift on sale for $25.00, but Baby Girl is worth it.

5) Radio Flyer 3180 Ultimate Comfort Wagon $150 (I bet I can find it cheaper). Last, but not least is something I am going to save up for and hopefully get the day after Thanksgiving. We are definitely going to need this for our trips to the park.

Radio Flyer 3180 Ultimate Comfort Wagon

So there you have it and I hope she likes it. So Merry Christmas Baby Love.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Peace and Quiet

Mckinley has recently foud her voice and by golly you better believe she is using it. She is my child you know. Screaming is our newest addition to the list of things baby girl has learned. You can't get the full affect unless you actually see hear it so here she is in all her glory being a loud mouth like her mama. Enjoy.