Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Grownup Christmas List

It's funny now that I have an offspring my Christmas wishes have changed so much. The ONLY thing I want this year for me is a new fangled Crock. Preferably programmable. Something like this.

The only other thing I would like would be the ability to pay off all of our debt and a new job for my husband boyfriend (he shall here on out be referred to as my boyfriend since that is what my babies call him or my lovah because that makes him very uncomfortable). If I can find a way in 2012 to at least pay off my credit card and Brent's card that would the best gift ever. I know we aren't disciplined enough to use the envelope system, but I am going to find something that works! Over Christmas and Summer Break I am going to save up all of the money we won't have to pay for childcare since I will be home and use that money to pay off my credit card first and then we will start working on Brent's card. I just keep telling myself one day we will be debt free and we can't make any less money then we already do and whatever Brent's next job is has to pay more then he makes now so we can do totally do this. 

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Kristin said...

The envelope system is great for those of us with nodiscipline :) We're celebrating two years if envelopes. Paid $10,000 in cards off. And took two pay cuts along the way due to the economy. YOU CAN DO IT!! <3 Kristin