Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Christmas

I have already written a few posts about McKinley's first Christmas, but the closer it gets the more excited I get. I believe I am finished with Baby Girl's Christmas list and just in case anyone cares here it is and yes I am that person whose kid is getting all wooden, non battery operated toys. I didn't mean for that to happen it's just everything I wanted to get her was either wooden or fabric.

I have been eyeing this precious tea set for quite some time so I knew I would definitely be getting this for Mckinley's first Christmas. I actually purchased this a month ago and received 15% off. which made me love it even more. I LOVE tea and I would really like to do something special with Mckinley when she is older. I want to have "Tea Time" instead of snack time everyday. Something that we can do together just us girls.

2) The next present I didn't even need to buy my awesome MIL found a set at school, but you can get a set of Melissa and Doug blocks, but they won't be as cute as Babylove's vintage set of blocks.

Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Block Cart.Opens in a new window
3) The newest addition to Mckinley's Christmas list is The Wheelybug Ladybug which is originally somewhere around $70.00, but I got for $21.00!

Wheely Bug Ladybug Ride-On Toy - Size: Small

4) Mckinley's newest lovEY from Daddy. He isn't really this tiny, but this is the only picture of Pouncer I could find. He may be the most expensive gift on sale for $25.00, but Baby Girl is worth it.

5) Radio Flyer 3180 Ultimate Comfort Wagon $150 (I bet I can find it cheaper). Last, but not least is something I am going to save up for and hopefully get the day after Thanksgiving. We are definitely going to need this for our trips to the park.

Radio Flyer 3180 Ultimate Comfort Wagon

So there you have it and I hope she likes it. So Merry Christmas Baby Love.

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