Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Even before I got pregnant I knew I would be a breastfeeding mama. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing at the beginning but I have learned so much these past 7 months and I am sure I will learn even more the next 5. Yup you heard me right 7 + 5 = 12 months and 12 months = a year. I never thought I would make it 7 months of pumping/breastfeeding, but I set myself an initial goal of 4 months and once I hit that I told myself I can make it to 6 months, and now that I have made it this far I know I can keep going until the beginning of June when I will start weaning myself and hopefully by the beginning of July when we go to the beach with my family. I want to take my time and make sure I am handling it ok because I foresee weaning being very emotional for me. I recently read this post by Cup Of Joe about her experience weaning and I know myself and how attached I have become to breastfeeding and how hard we have had to work so I don't want my husband to have to counsel me because I weaned too quickly.

I wanted to take a moment and write my experience with breastfeeding. It hasn't been awful, but it also hasn't been  super easy. Kinley and I took to nursing right away and we had no major issues in the beginning. My supply was great and she never had any latch issues.  I exclusively breastfed Mckinley from birth to about 5 weeks then a few weeks before I returned back to work we started getting her used to taking a bottle. I would still breastfeed her when I got home and on the weekends, but sadly we never seemed to be on the same schedule so I became an exclusive pumper with a few nursing sessions here and there. Sadly things started going downhill around month 5 when Kinley got her first ear infection and couldn't nurse because of the pain and I guess she decided to not go back after that. I knew the day I decided to wean would be really difficult, but I didn't think it would happen so soon and I had no clue how hard I would take it. I always told myself as soon as she started cutting teeth we would wean, but I never got to make that decision which now I believe may have been for the best because it probably would have been much harder if I had to make that choice and we would probably still be nursing when she was 8 (just kidding, but more power to mamas who extended breastfeed). It just sort of happened and we are just rocking and rolling with what we've got. I still try to get her to latch every now and then, but I try not to get my hopes up that she will just magically start nursing again. So now I am an exclusive a pumper which means I pump 6 times a day for around 20-30 minutes at a time with 2 pumping sessions at school. I think I figured out with set up and breakdown I am spending about 3 hours a day pumping which isn't too bad. People look at me crazy when I tell them this, but it has become part of my daily routine and it can honestly be relaxing because I get a moment away from everyone and take a mama timeout. It can get kind of crazy when Mckinley wants to be held, fed, changed, but I have gotten REALLY good at multi tasking and can pump and do almost anything at the same time.

Once Mckinley stopped nursing I soon started noticing a drop in my supply. I also believe me being so stressed out over Christmas break also had an effect on this because ever since then my supply has almost returned to normal. When my supply started going down I started worrying about being able to keep up with Mckinley’s demands and sure enough after getting food poisoning and using up most of my freezer stash we had to start supplementing with 1 bottle of formula a day. This was much harder on me then it was for Mckinly, but it actually helped lessen the burden on me because I wasn’t stressing about making enough to feed baby girl. She hasn’t had any formula in about a week, but if we have to use it we’ve got it just in case. Like I said earlier my supply has almost returned to normal, but I am still drinking my mother’s milk tea and taking my fenugreek just in case. Just recently I started adding Brewers Yeast to my morning smoothies and I even made some

lactation cookies and they were delicious! I need to make a new batch because I saw a big difference in my production on the days I drank my smoothie and ate some cookies. I may have eaten a few too many cookies (8-10) in 1 day, but they were so yummy I couldn't stop myself. Plus I have given up sweets for Lent, but I have to feed my baby and I need to produce more so the cookies really don't count right.
Now onto the things I have learned about nursing/pumping. Nursing and pumping has been an HUGE learning experience for me  and I feel like I might know more then more people just starting out on their nursing journey so if anything I ahve learned can help anyone else I am definitely here for them. I feel like I can help and sympathize with someone in all stages of this journey so here is what I have learned from my 7 months of nursing.

1. You do not need a new wardrobe; you just have to find ways to easily access your boobs every 3-4 hours. Button up shirts, flowy tops, dresses are your new best friends. A good shirt dress is my favorite go to nursing mama outfit. As for undergarments nursing tanks and bras are life savers. Right before we had Mckinley I bought myself 2 nursing bras and 1 nursing tank. This my friends was not going to cut it. So I immediately purchased myself 3 more tanks and 1 more bra. Yesterday I had a come to Jesus moment with my boobs and decided that if I was even going to contemplate pumping for 5 more months then I needed some new and more supportive nursing bras. Nursing tanks and most nursing bras do not have much support and you typically do not want an under wire bra because the wire can push on your breast causing plugged milk ducts and it can even affect your supply. Luckily while perusing the nursing undergarment section at Target I found nursing bras that had the support and padding of a "real" bras and had soft under wire support. And it gets even better. They were only $12.99 so I got myself a black and a white one. Now your color choices aren't fantastic in the world of nursing undergarments, but we work with what we've got. At the beginning of my nursing journey I almost always wore a nursing tank under all of my clothing, but as I have lost most of the baby weight and am feeling better about my post baby body and fitting into more clothing I am moving more towards the bras. 

2. Now, my number one tip I will give to any mama who will be pumping if you don’t have one yet .Run don’t walk to the store and get a hands free bra. Even if you aren’t an exclusive pumper like me you will be pumping a few times at work and overnight and having your hands free to play with baby, Facebook, and or Pinterest is ah-mahzing and will change your life and quite possibly extend your pumping/nursing goals. I would have bought my own, but a sweet friend let me borrow hers and it has saved me from going nuts and getting carpal tunnel from holding bottles to my boobs all day.
3. Set a goal for yourself. My first goal was 4 months of breastfeeding. When I made it to 4 months I said to myself “self you can do this for 2 more months.” And now that I have passed 6 months by golly I can make it another 6 months. Mckinley’s milk intake is fluctuating now and I am able to keep up with her needs better. I am still pumping the same amount, but she is taking about 7 oz. less because she is now eating pureed veggies.

4. There are SO many things you can do to help support your supply. Here is my short list: Water. Drink lots of water. I already drank a ton of water pre breastfeeding, probably 40-48 oz. a day. Now I probably drink around 60ish oz. per day which equals a lot of potty breaks, but it is the number one thing that helps my production. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. Not the quick oats, but regular oats that you have to cook. Fenugreek has been my go to milk support supplement. It may make me smell like flap jacks, but it works. I just started drinking Mother’s Milk tea and that has also seemed to help a bit. I have also  tried a lactation blend from Whole Foods, but that didn’t seem to work as well as my fenugreek. My new love which I talked about earlier is Brewers Yeast. I made lactation cookies and I put some in my moarning smoothies and I have really noticed  a supply boost. And I know what you are thinking “Lactation Cookies!?” They do not have breast milk in them so stop being dirty. So before giving up if your supply starts to go down try some or many of these things and see if they help. Also try to find your local LLL group.  A good lactation consultant can be your breast Friend (yup breast).

Breast feeding/pumping is definitely a  commitment. It takes a lot of preparation, time, skill, but if you are dedicated it can be a wonderful bonding experience. I wish everyone had as much support as I about breastfeeding because that is SO important. My husband is always great at supporting me, but he is been amazing even at my lowest point when I wanted to give up. It would be a wonderful world if every husband cheered their woman on and helped support her and her boobs. My family has also been very supportive of my decision to breastfeed. I love it whenever they would tell Mckinley she is getting so big because of the “booby milk” or how she was “getting the good stuff.” My mom likes to tell people she is all good and chunky and she only gets boob milk (now she is getting food, but that was true when she said it). I also have great support at my job. They always make sure I have somewhere to pump and make accommodations to make sure I am comfortable. I do however wish I had found a lactation consultant at the beginning because I could have probably saved myself time and pain being able to talk to someone who really understands about everything.

I didn't intend this post to get so long, but this has been such a HUGE part of my life these past few months and I feel like I have so much valuable information that could help someone else going through the same things.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Funday

3 Things

One. I worked out today! My gym buddy Heather and I met up at the gym today to walk on the treadmills and decided it was so beautiful outside we should walk the "trail" around the gym.Sadly we could not find the trail and the security child driving the golf cart was no help sow e sucked it up and went back inside. It just happened to be 5:00 at this time and we were just in time for Step I class so we stepped it out. This wound up being very fun and entertaining. there may have been some laughing at Heather going the wrong way and missing steps and maybe a few laughs at the knee lifts.

Two.I ate 10 lactation cookies today.

Three. My baby is 7 months old today, but I am too tired to write an entire month wrap up so it will get done tomorrow, but until then here is a cute picture of the kitten.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Beach Body

Officially starts TODAY because we are going to the beach baby! What's better then getting to stay home with my girl all summer? Getting to be with her, my hubby, and my family at the beach for an entire week! 
Now on to the important stuff like getting the ole beach body ready. This morning when I weighed myself I was 3 pounds away from my post baby weight and I couldn't be happier, but I want to lose those 3 plus some. I have been drinking my own lovely concoction every morning that I believe has really helped in my post baby weight loss journey.

Roxanne's Morning Smoothie
1 handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 handful baby carrots or 1 large carrot
1 banana
a few scoops of your favorite low fat yogurt (I use vanilla or strawberry)
1 handful of frozen berry medley
1 Tbsp honey
1 c milk
1 c ice

add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Pour. Enjoy. You can put anything you want in it, but this is what I had on hand. I actually went ahead and mixed the fruits and veggies, yogurt, and honey together, poured it in a greased muffin pan, and froze it. Then I popped them out and put them in a Tupperware container to use during the wee. I just popped 2 frozen rounds in the blender, added the milk and ice and blended to my preferred consistency. I am thinking of adding some brewers/nutritional yeast for milk production.

So this is what I have been drinking every morning for a week now and I feel like I can already tell a difference in my energy and I make a really big cup so I am pretty full until lunchtime. Now if people would stop bringing donuts to school I could be 5 lbs. below pre baby weight. I have also returned to the gym once a week with my gym buddy. I plan on going 2-3 times a week soon so that should kick up the weight loss. Sadly as I typed that I laughed because there is no way I will be hitting the gym that many times. I would be happy with at least 2 gym dates and maybe 1 day of 30 day shred at home.

If only I could be as comfortable with my body as Mckinley. She  really embraces all of her curves.

 We  of course have to start planning what we will be taking with us because traveling with 3 is a totally different animal. I might over pack for myself so I am going to have to work on that too.
We have never had a little at the beach before so we may need a few extras especially since Mckinley will probably be mobile by then and when I say mobile I mean running around, touching everything, getting into EVERYTHING so we need to be prepared. I will be packing an assortment of accoutrements to keep her entertained.

We will definitely need a beach blanket for baby girl to play on. We have this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. This thing has really come in handy since I bought it a few years ago. I use it for Race Day at school, we take it to Italian Fest, and other fun outings. Funny thing is I kind of had babies in mind when I bought it because I knew it would be great for playing outside or napping at the park. Ours isn't that cute, but it is a little more universal with it's brown back and green front just in case our second bambino doesn't care for pink zebra.

To go along with the beach blanket we are going to get a blow up pool with a canopy to keep down by the beach to keep the girl cool without having to go in Mama doesn't do the ocean water and I am sure daddy will get tired of going back and forth from the beach to the water and back again so we thought this might be a fun thing to take. I will of course be lounging in my cute mommy bathing suit next to the pool. Not sure if I can pull off the bikini like this mama.

The most important beach necessity could be a cute bathing suit which we have 2 or 3 that people have given us to go along with the 2 or 3 beach hats people have also given us, but I think the most important thing is a super cute  cloth swim diaper. Like this one from Nicki's Diapers, our favorite spot besides to buy diapers. Since we are staying in a condo we will have access to a washer and dryer so we will be taking our cloth with us and this cloth swim diaper will fit perfectly in our stash. Bad news is the diaper also come with matching rash guard and hat so we might need those too.

Last, but not least are 2 extras we have procured from loved ones. A covered pool float and some beach toys to keep my girl safe and preoccupied because no one likes a sunburned/bored baby.
Speaking of sunburned we will of course be taking a years supply worth of sunscreen to protect all of the pasty whiteness that will be hitting the beach. Sadly no sun has touched this ole body a LONG time and I will be slathering it on all 3 of us because there is nothing like getting a sunburn the first day on the beach.

I still can't believe how lucky we were to get this particular condo for this particular week.
Just talking about all of this is blowing my mind because that means we only have 3 more months of school left. That is 12 weeks people! Roughly 60 days! What the what! I only missed 4 weeks of school so this year shouldn't have gone by so fast! Guess I better start planning the rest of the year out and get started on next years planning.

Why am I already talking about next year!? I need time to stop so my baby stops growing!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Belong To Me

It's official!

We have to get to keep her!

I just payed our very last hospital bill for my delivery and we are closer to my goal of 0 debt! I am working on our taxes right now and thankfully we will be getting money back this year. We could use it to go somewhere fun, but like the responsible adults we are we willbe paying off credit cards. Thankfully we only have school debt on them and soon 1 will be payed off and 1 will be a little closer to being payed off. Hopefully we can save the $200 we would be paying on medical and credit card bills.

Next month I will officially be starting the envelope system for most of our purchases. I will keep our bills on direct payments because if they aren't I would forget to pay them and since they are connected directly to our bacnk account I will just make sure to keep track of what is spent. I will be creating envelopes for  groceries, babysitting, car, dog, and other expenes. I will put certain amounts into each envelope weekly and use only what is in the envelope and whatever is left over will remain in there or be put into savings. I know this will take a lot of organization on my part but what is adding banker to my title of wife, mommy, dish washer, diaper cleaner, vaccumer, toilet scrubber, sweeper, lesson planner, chef, dog mama, crafter.

 Just add it to my list of things to do.

And 10 points to the first person who can tell me who sang my post title.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Funday

A little Kinley to brighten your Monday

 And a little Valentine's Day present sneak peak

Friday, February 10, 2012

Skinamarinki Dinki Dink Skinamarinki Do............ I Love You

The husband and I shall be celebrating Valentine's Day a little early this year since he will be on call next week and it would be oh so romantic if he had to leave in the middle of dinner to go pick up some runaway kid or something uber exciting like that. So we will be heading out tonight for dinner and a movie to celebrate and spend some mommy daddy time together. I might even put on a purty dress and wear some heels or possibly some wedges.

Nothing exciting just a little time for just us two. My mom and sister will be watching the little miss (I really had to twist their arms for that)

Mckinley and I are planning on making something for Brent for Valentine's Day this weekend and hopefully I will get it done by Tuesday. Valentine's Day kind of snuck up on me this year and I am just not ready, but it will get done eventually. I also need to make something for my babies at school, but that will be a snap to pull my idea together.

I am really looking forward to a little quality time with my man today.


Highs and Lows

First post baby gym date! I FINALLY hit the gym with my good friend slash workout buddy Heather. I couldn't decide if I was going to keep my membership or not (especially since I hadn't actually set foot in there since I was possibly 3 months pregnant). Basically I was paying 30ish dollars a month for nothing. We have been talking about going for months and it finally happened today. We were possibly 20 a few minutes late and after waiting maybe another 15 minutes to get Mckinley's id card and signing her in to the baby room I hit the treadmill. The best part was the awesome new fitness equipment. The treadmills have their own tv's. You can even listen to music and play games like mahjong! It was so nice to have some grownup time and just talk.

Someone gave me a compliment today that I am looking very good (skinny) and I fit into a pair of pants that didn't fit 2 weeks ago. I know I have been relying on nursing/pumping to lose weight because it has been sucking it out of me, but I am going to have to be much better when I finally stop so I need to get better about what I am eating now. I would probbaly lose faster if I stopped eating hershey kisses everyday.

No school tomorrow because I am going to a conference on autism. Now that I have so many friends mainstreaming into my classroom I would like to learn more about autism. I want to know how I can best prepare and provide for all of my friends in my classroom. I hate missing school, but this will be interesting.

My babies were great today.

Mckinley is officially a roller. It took her a little longer because she is my child and she is stubborn and doesn't care to be on her belly, but she just couldn't quite roll herself over to her back. Well last night she rolled from her belly both ways to the left and to the right. She is getting more and more active and mobile everyday. Every now and then she will get her booty up in the air and move her knees and schooch herself, but she ends up schooching back a little. I hate how fast she is growing and changing, but I am also so darn proud of my big girl.

My boobs are working again and I am not having to supplement with formula.

Baby girl still has a cold and I am sleeping on the couch with her because I do not feel ok with her being so far away from me. She needs to be propped up pretty high to help keep her from coughing and I don't like putting her in her Boppy in her crib plus she still coughs. I feel much safer with her propped up with me on the other end of the couch.

My house is suffering right now. I have not had the energy nor the time lately to keep it as clean as I have wanted. I am keeping up with the dishes and laundry. My clothes might still be sitting in the basket in the laundry room where they have been for 4 days now, ubt they will eventually be put away when we need the basket again.

Brent didn't get home until after 8 and Baby Girl was already asleep. That is the first time that has happened and it makes me sad for him.

Gratuitous Kinley Shot
We have started working on using a sippy cup with water in it and the princess could of course careless for it. She hates holding her bottles and refuses to do it, but she does pretty good holding the sippy.She doesn't care for water too much, but we will get there.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have been pleasantly surprised lately by some people who have turned out to be a lot different then I initially thought them to be or they have changed substantially since I have known them.

I like people and I like the Good in people and I am happy with my people lately.

That's all.

Gratuitous Kinley shot

We are working on getting rid of the paci since she could take it or leave it, but when my girl is sick I will do whatever to make her feel better and if a paci helps then a paci it is. Snooty cold nose on top of yucky teeth coming in = sad Kinley.

Happy Hump Day

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pretty As A Picture

My goodness I didn't think Baby Girl could ever get any more precious. Then I met Courtney Young the nicest and most talented photographer I have ever met. She made us all feel so comfortable and she did an amazing job capturing the real Mckinley.

 I have only seen a sneak peak of our photos, but if they are any indication of what the rest will look like then we are in for a treat.

So without further adieu here are some incredibly adorable pictures taken by and incredibly talented lady.

I could not be happier about how these pictures turned out and I am dying to see the rest.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's is quiet in my house this morning.

Everyone is still asleep even the pups (I know that is really hard to believe that the fat man is still asleep). This is a very rare occasion so I am celebrating by sipping on some Kringle Crunch, which I am sadly almost out of, and folding some laundry that has been either sitting in a basket or in the dryer for oh......... about a week maybe two. I keep telling myself that is ok because all of the time I should be spending folding I am spending with my girl. So the dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, moping, gardening, scrubbing, laundry can wait a day or two. I don't think when Kinley is 15 she will say "Dang we always had a really clean house". I am hoping she will say  "Dang my mom spent as much time as she possibly could reading books, singing, dancing, coloring, and playing with me."

 Don't worry people I actually do clean from time to time The toilet was scrubbed just last night because you must have a clean potty to spray poopy diapers in. Have I mentioned we finally got a diaper sprayer. Have I mentioned food poo is NOT the same as breast milk poo. Imagine peanut butter smeared on a piece of cotton. Aren't you glad I gave you that mental image this morning. Just a little something to brighten up this dreary Saturday. Your Welcome. And don't worry we still love our cloth diapers. We are just working on this new poo stage. I never thought the phrase "bring on the ploppable poo" would be said in our house. Ha Ha that is silly! Of course I thought that phrase would be said. We are both very immature and laugh when someone says do do and yes we love when someone gives us a good "that's what she said" opening.

Ahhhhh we have a child. Lord I pray she turns out normal. Nah that wouldn't be any fun.

It is a pretty yucky day and I am hoping we can get some good light for our pictures today. All I want is 1 family picture and 1 picture of the kitten an I without my arm in it. Perhaps a picture where baby girl looks precious (easy), My husband looks handsome (already done), and my hair doesn't look like a rats nest (that is tbd). I know we will get some great pictures of my girl because the camera loves her and she kind of has the best gummy smile ever.

But for now I will sit in the dark and contemplate a second cup of coffee enjoying the quiet for a few more minutes.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

These are 2 of my favorite things

I very rarely get to cuddle with Kinley now that she is so close to going mobile. She can easily fall asleep all on her own no rocking and no paci, but if she will let me rock her you better believe I do. She has to be REALLY tired for this to happen.

My number 1 most favoritest thing Baby Girl does is when she reaches up her hand to my lips so I will kiss it. It is a little piece of heaven every time she does it.

We are getting some family and baby pictures done tomorrow and I am pretty frakin excited! I can not wait to post them for all to see.

Happy Friday