Friday, February 10, 2012

Highs and Lows

First post baby gym date! I FINALLY hit the gym with my good friend slash workout buddy Heather. I couldn't decide if I was going to keep my membership or not (especially since I hadn't actually set foot in there since I was possibly 3 months pregnant). Basically I was paying 30ish dollars a month for nothing. We have been talking about going for months and it finally happened today. We were possibly 20 a few minutes late and after waiting maybe another 15 minutes to get Mckinley's id card and signing her in to the baby room I hit the treadmill. The best part was the awesome new fitness equipment. The treadmills have their own tv's. You can even listen to music and play games like mahjong! It was so nice to have some grownup time and just talk.

Someone gave me a compliment today that I am looking very good (skinny) and I fit into a pair of pants that didn't fit 2 weeks ago. I know I have been relying on nursing/pumping to lose weight because it has been sucking it out of me, but I am going to have to be much better when I finally stop so I need to get better about what I am eating now. I would probbaly lose faster if I stopped eating hershey kisses everyday.

No school tomorrow because I am going to a conference on autism. Now that I have so many friends mainstreaming into my classroom I would like to learn more about autism. I want to know how I can best prepare and provide for all of my friends in my classroom. I hate missing school, but this will be interesting.

My babies were great today.

Mckinley is officially a roller. It took her a little longer because she is my child and she is stubborn and doesn't care to be on her belly, but she just couldn't quite roll herself over to her back. Well last night she rolled from her belly both ways to the left and to the right. She is getting more and more active and mobile everyday. Every now and then she will get her booty up in the air and move her knees and schooch herself, but she ends up schooching back a little. I hate how fast she is growing and changing, but I am also so darn proud of my big girl.

My boobs are working again and I am not having to supplement with formula.

Baby girl still has a cold and I am sleeping on the couch with her because I do not feel ok with her being so far away from me. She needs to be propped up pretty high to help keep her from coughing and I don't like putting her in her Boppy in her crib plus she still coughs. I feel much safer with her propped up with me on the other end of the couch.

My house is suffering right now. I have not had the energy nor the time lately to keep it as clean as I have wanted. I am keeping up with the dishes and laundry. My clothes might still be sitting in the basket in the laundry room where they have been for 4 days now, ubt they will eventually be put away when we need the basket again.

Brent didn't get home until after 8 and Baby Girl was already asleep. That is the first time that has happened and it makes me sad for him.

Gratuitous Kinley Shot
We have started working on using a sippy cup with water in it and the princess could of course careless for it. She hates holding her bottles and refuses to do it, but she does pretty good holding the sippy.She doesn't care for water too much, but we will get there.
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