Saturday, February 4, 2012


It's is quiet in my house this morning.

Everyone is still asleep even the pups (I know that is really hard to believe that the fat man is still asleep). This is a very rare occasion so I am celebrating by sipping on some Kringle Crunch, which I am sadly almost out of, and folding some laundry that has been either sitting in a basket or in the dryer for oh......... about a week maybe two. I keep telling myself that is ok because all of the time I should be spending folding I am spending with my girl. So the dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, moping, gardening, scrubbing, laundry can wait a day or two. I don't think when Kinley is 15 she will say "Dang we always had a really clean house". I am hoping she will say  "Dang my mom spent as much time as she possibly could reading books, singing, dancing, coloring, and playing with me."

 Don't worry people I actually do clean from time to time The toilet was scrubbed just last night because you must have a clean potty to spray poopy diapers in. Have I mentioned we finally got a diaper sprayer. Have I mentioned food poo is NOT the same as breast milk poo. Imagine peanut butter smeared on a piece of cotton. Aren't you glad I gave you that mental image this morning. Just a little something to brighten up this dreary Saturday. Your Welcome. And don't worry we still love our cloth diapers. We are just working on this new poo stage. I never thought the phrase "bring on the ploppable poo" would be said in our house. Ha Ha that is silly! Of course I thought that phrase would be said. We are both very immature and laugh when someone says do do and yes we love when someone gives us a good "that's what she said" opening.

Ahhhhh we have a child. Lord I pray she turns out normal. Nah that wouldn't be any fun.

It is a pretty yucky day and I am hoping we can get some good light for our pictures today. All I want is 1 family picture and 1 picture of the kitten an I without my arm in it. Perhaps a picture where baby girl looks precious (easy), My husband looks handsome (already done), and my hair doesn't look like a rats nest (that is tbd). I know we will get some great pictures of my girl because the camera loves her and she kind of has the best gummy smile ever.

But for now I will sit in the dark and contemplate a second cup of coffee enjoying the quiet for a few more minutes.

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