Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Belong To Me

It's official!

We have to get to keep her!

I just payed our very last hospital bill for my delivery and we are closer to my goal of 0 debt! I am working on our taxes right now and thankfully we will be getting money back this year. We could use it to go somewhere fun, but like the responsible adults we are we willbe paying off credit cards. Thankfully we only have school debt on them and soon 1 will be payed off and 1 will be a little closer to being payed off. Hopefully we can save the $200 we would be paying on medical and credit card bills.

Next month I will officially be starting the envelope system for most of our purchases. I will keep our bills on direct payments because if they aren't I would forget to pay them and since they are connected directly to our bacnk account I will just make sure to keep track of what is spent. I will be creating envelopes for  groceries, babysitting, car, dog, and other expenes. I will put certain amounts into each envelope weekly and use only what is in the envelope and whatever is left over will remain in there or be put into savings. I know this will take a lot of organization on my part but what is adding banker to my title of wife, mommy, dish washer, diaper cleaner, vaccumer, toilet scrubber, sweeper, lesson planner, chef, dog mama, crafter.

 Just add it to my list of things to do.

And 10 points to the first person who can tell me who sang my post title.

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