Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Beach Body

Officially starts TODAY because we are going to the beach baby! What's better then getting to stay home with my girl all summer? Getting to be with her, my hubby, and my family at the beach for an entire week! 
Now on to the important stuff like getting the ole beach body ready. This morning when I weighed myself I was 3 pounds away from my post baby weight and I couldn't be happier, but I want to lose those 3 plus some. I have been drinking my own lovely concoction every morning that I believe has really helped in my post baby weight loss journey.

Roxanne's Morning Smoothie
1 handful of fresh spinach leaves
1 handful baby carrots or 1 large carrot
1 banana
a few scoops of your favorite low fat yogurt (I use vanilla or strawberry)
1 handful of frozen berry medley
1 Tbsp honey
1 c milk
1 c ice

add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Pour. Enjoy. You can put anything you want in it, but this is what I had on hand. I actually went ahead and mixed the fruits and veggies, yogurt, and honey together, poured it in a greased muffin pan, and froze it. Then I popped them out and put them in a Tupperware container to use during the wee. I just popped 2 frozen rounds in the blender, added the milk and ice and blended to my preferred consistency. I am thinking of adding some brewers/nutritional yeast for milk production.

So this is what I have been drinking every morning for a week now and I feel like I can already tell a difference in my energy and I make a really big cup so I am pretty full until lunchtime. Now if people would stop bringing donuts to school I could be 5 lbs. below pre baby weight. I have also returned to the gym once a week with my gym buddy. I plan on going 2-3 times a week soon so that should kick up the weight loss. Sadly as I typed that I laughed because there is no way I will be hitting the gym that many times. I would be happy with at least 2 gym dates and maybe 1 day of 30 day shred at home.

If only I could be as comfortable with my body as Mckinley. She  really embraces all of her curves.

 We  of course have to start planning what we will be taking with us because traveling with 3 is a totally different animal. I might over pack for myself so I am going to have to work on that too.
We have never had a little at the beach before so we may need a few extras especially since Mckinley will probably be mobile by then and when I say mobile I mean running around, touching everything, getting into EVERYTHING so we need to be prepared. I will be packing an assortment of accoutrements to keep her entertained.

We will definitely need a beach blanket for baby girl to play on. We have this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. This thing has really come in handy since I bought it a few years ago. I use it for Race Day at school, we take it to Italian Fest, and other fun outings. Funny thing is I kind of had babies in mind when I bought it because I knew it would be great for playing outside or napping at the park. Ours isn't that cute, but it is a little more universal with it's brown back and green front just in case our second bambino doesn't care for pink zebra.

To go along with the beach blanket we are going to get a blow up pool with a canopy to keep down by the beach to keep the girl cool without having to go in Mama doesn't do the ocean water and I am sure daddy will get tired of going back and forth from the beach to the water and back again so we thought this might be a fun thing to take. I will of course be lounging in my cute mommy bathing suit next to the pool. Not sure if I can pull off the bikini like this mama.

The most important beach necessity could be a cute bathing suit which we have 2 or 3 that people have given us to go along with the 2 or 3 beach hats people have also given us, but I think the most important thing is a super cute  cloth swim diaper. Like this one from Nicki's Diapers, our favorite spot besides www.diaperswapers.com to buy diapers. Since we are staying in a condo we will have access to a washer and dryer so we will be taking our cloth with us and this cloth swim diaper will fit perfectly in our stash. Bad news is the diaper also come with matching rash guard and hat so we might need those too.

Last, but not least are 2 extras we have procured from loved ones. A covered pool float and some beach toys to keep my girl safe and preoccupied because no one likes a sunburned/bored baby.
Speaking of sunburned we will of course be taking a years supply worth of sunscreen to protect all of the pasty whiteness that will be hitting the beach. Sadly no sun has touched this ole body a LONG time and I will be slathering it on all 3 of us because there is nothing like getting a sunburn the first day on the beach.

I still can't believe how lucky we were to get this particular condo for this particular week.
Just talking about all of this is blowing my mind because that means we only have 3 more months of school left. That is 12 weeks people! Roughly 60 days! What the what! I only missed 4 weeks of school so this year shouldn't have gone by so fast! Guess I better start planning the rest of the year out and get started on next years planning.

Why am I already talking about next year!? I need time to stop so my baby stops growing!

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