Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Funday

3 Things

One. I worked out today! My gym buddy Heather and I met up at the gym today to walk on the treadmills and decided it was so beautiful outside we should walk the "trail" around the gym.Sadly we could not find the trail and the security child driving the golf cart was no help sow e sucked it up and went back inside. It just happened to be 5:00 at this time and we were just in time for Step I class so we stepped it out. This wound up being very fun and entertaining. there may have been some laughing at Heather going the wrong way and missing steps and maybe a few laughs at the knee lifts.

Two.I ate 10 lactation cookies today.

Three. My baby is 7 months old today, but I am too tired to write an entire month wrap up so it will get done tomorrow, but until then here is a cute picture of the kitten.

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