Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have spent most if the day today just thinking about how thankful
I am for everything I have and the life I have been allowed to live.

We may not have much but man are we lucky.

I am thankful for every second God allows me to be here.

Today there have been many tears cried for many reasons.

As I look at my precious babies face tonight I know how truly blessed I am.

God is good all the time
all the time God is good.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Many Crafts So Little Time

My next crafting endeavor
burlap apple

I know Brent will be super excited when I come home with new craft supplies.

And so I don't forget I found another way to make onesie dresses  since I had a hard time sewing the skirt onto the onesie this might make it easier

Friday, September 9, 2011

A Post For YaYa

Since Yaya is at the beach with her crazy girlfriends we thought we would post a few pictures for her so she can see her baby girl.

Sitting in my seat like a big girl

I can't believe I get to wake up to this every morning.
She makes everyday even better then it already is.

Wild Child

 Happy everyone is awake

You would stare at yourself too if you were that pretty

The girl has mad tummy time skills
We miss you Yaya and we can't wait for you to get back from the beach with some bright pink lipstick kisses.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Happy Girl

These past few weeks Mckinley has changed so much. She has started smiling and talking. The funny thing is the one place she really goes crazy is on top of the changing table. Our changing table is a tad higher then most (a little lower then shoulder level on me), but we like it because you don't have to bend over to change her fluffy bum and she is closer to eye level. She can be fussing and screaming, but the second you place her on there she starts cooing and laughing. Needless to say we spend a good but of time up there changing and chit chatting during the day. I have about a million videos of these precious moments, but I think I got my favorite one today. Please ignore my stupid voice. Why do babies make us sound like idiots?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


For my next sewing project I am going to make Kinley a taggy blanket.

Setting Goals

St. Jude 1/2 Marathon

Winter Cross Country Series. It was a tad muddy

Instead of beating myself up about losing the baby weight I am going to set some goals for myself. Each week I want to have 1 diet and 1 exercise goal. I am going to start off slow since I wasn't really on top of my exercising game whilst pregnant. I want to go back to eating like I did pre pregnancy even though I know I need to keep my calorie intake with breastfeeding. When you are pregnant you feel like it is ok to indulge more often, but those days are over and I want to feel good again. During the week I will eat super duper healthy and I always try to save my treats for the weekend so I have something to look forward and work towards. I will also be weighting myself every Monday starting this Monday (naked, first thing in the am, right after I pee of course doesn't everyone do it that way)
Week 1
Diet Goal: cut out all junk foods (chips, ice cream, etc.)
Exercise Goal: Start 30 Day Shred, Walk/Jog 2-3 Days/week, Exercise class @ gym on weekend
This is my last week at home so I need to take advantage of having all day to exercise before returning to work. I am excited to get back to feeling really good and maybe fitting into some of my old clothes (that won't happen until these boobs are gone!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Learned To Sew

And I made this

and this

 My child is super excited can you tell.


My heart is heavy today. I keep breaking into tears out of nowhere. I know this has something to do with these crazy hormones, but gosh darn it I am just sad today. It seems my time home with Baby Love is going to be cut shorter then I previously thought.

You see we were never really sure when I was supposed to return back to work. Someone told me after 60 days starting the day I had le bebe counting weekends, but now I am being told 6 weeks. Sadly 60 days and 6 weeks don't add up to the same things. 60 days is 2 weeks longer then 6 weeks.

I am trying to be strong and act like it is all ok, but I just never expected for all of this to be so hard on me. It has been really hard on me being home bound for such a long time. I have been home since the end of May and even though I have gotten out of the house some being super pregnant while it is really hot outside and then not being super comfortable at first getting out of the house alone with a newborn has kept me home most of my time off. So any chance to get out of the house has been difficult but welcome. Going back to work however just makes me sick to think about.

I LOVE spending all day everyday with my sweet baby girl. I feel like such a lucky girl because Mckinley has really been an easy baby. We have had maybe 3 nights since coming home that were a tad long and frustrating, but honestly we have been really lucky and I have enjoyed every single second with my little.

I don't mind sitting around all day long changing, feeding, rocking, playing, cuddling (repeat). These 5 short weeks have been the most amazing weeks of my life and I know that first day back is going to be absolutely awful. I know Mckinley is going to be kept by the fabulous Mrs. Julie so that makes me feel a tiny bit better, but it still hurts my heart to have to leave her.

I know I am lucky that I leave work much earlier then most people with babies and I have SO many days off and the summer spend with her. So I will keep pepping myself up and I will soak up every single second I can with my sweet Mckinley and I will suck it up and do what I've got to do.