Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Happy Girl

These past few weeks Mckinley has changed so much. She has started smiling and talking. The funny thing is the one place she really goes crazy is on top of the changing table. Our changing table is a tad higher then most (a little lower then shoulder level on me), but we like it because you don't have to bend over to change her fluffy bum and she is closer to eye level. She can be fussing and screaming, but the second you place her on there she starts cooing and laughing. Needless to say we spend a good but of time up there changing and chit chatting during the day. I have about a million videos of these precious moments, but I think I got my favorite one today. Please ignore my stupid voice. Why do babies make us sound like idiots?


Mrs. K said...

I don't know if I'm the only one having trouble, but I tried to view your video & it is telling me that it's private. =(

Roxanne said...

it's fixed! that is te first tme I have ever used youtube and had NO clue what I was doing = )