Sunday, September 4, 2011

Setting Goals

St. Jude 1/2 Marathon

Winter Cross Country Series. It was a tad muddy

Instead of beating myself up about losing the baby weight I am going to set some goals for myself. Each week I want to have 1 diet and 1 exercise goal. I am going to start off slow since I wasn't really on top of my exercising game whilst pregnant. I want to go back to eating like I did pre pregnancy even though I know I need to keep my calorie intake with breastfeeding. When you are pregnant you feel like it is ok to indulge more often, but those days are over and I want to feel good again. During the week I will eat super duper healthy and I always try to save my treats for the weekend so I have something to look forward and work towards. I will also be weighting myself every Monday starting this Monday (naked, first thing in the am, right after I pee of course doesn't everyone do it that way)
Week 1
Diet Goal: cut out all junk foods (chips, ice cream, etc.)
Exercise Goal: Start 30 Day Shred, Walk/Jog 2-3 Days/week, Exercise class @ gym on weekend
This is my last week at home so I need to take advantage of having all day to exercise before returning to work. I am excited to get back to feeling really good and maybe fitting into some of my old clothes (that won't happen until these boobs are gone!)

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