Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

I feel like this week my life will change forever. I know I will be saying that the day I actually go into labor, and I will probably say it many other times, but this is the week. This is when we find out. This is when we know who we will be meeting. I will have to find something else to blog about. Tuesday Brent and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary which is a huge event in itself (It still feels like it was just yesterday we were listening to Death and Flashlights), but Wednesday is the BIG day. I now wish we had made the dr. appointment earlier in the day, but then I would have to keep the secret even longer. Oh my God I don't know how I will stand it. Good thing is there are a few people who will be getting a phone call right after (Lis, Cary, Amber, Laura) so if you are lucky and live out of town or I won't be seeing you anytime soon you might you should be waiting by the phone cause I will be a calling. Then I have to wait until dinner that night for the big reveal. I am still not sure how I want to do it. I have 2 boy/girl outfits and bibs, I might make surprise cupcakes since we are celebrating Dad's birthday also (sorry daddy if we are taking away some thunder from such a big birthday you are really old you know), or I could do the Almond Joy (has balls.....see earlier post for clarification Week 17, Mounds don't (get it nudge nudge). The last option is the funniest, but I don't think my mom would prefer that reveal. Now it feels like things are really happening. We received our crib from Laura and Steven yesterday and even without detailed instructions (Thank you Laura's dad for writing down where every screw and bolt went) Brent and I put that baby together in about 30 minutes.
Isn't it beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. I don't think I will ever be able to thank the Laura enough for this. Now all we need to do is get the extra bed and sewing machine out of there. The funny thing is having the crib makes me want it to be July even more. I keep the door closed to the room because I keep walking by and staring at it or playing with it somehow. I have moved the mobile and re tightened screws, and I just can't stop looking at it. I just feel so ahead of the game and once Spring Break gets here we will really be rolling along. We are also almost done with our diaper stash. So here it is in all it's glory. For those of you who don't know about cloth diapers. Basically this will be the diapers we use everyday, wash about every 2 or 3 days, and after we are done building our stash we will never have to buy diapers ever again. So instead of spending a few thousand dollars on diapers we might spend $300-400 on diapers for 2 kids. Plus we won't have the trash that regular diapers make. Here is some information on using Cloth Diapers for anyone who is curious So here it is the list of what we have and what we still need. 12 newborn g diapers 5 small g's 4 large g's 18 small g cloths 5 new Best Bottom covers (cloths and inserts are what hold the poop and pee) 15 small BB hemp inserts 2 small BB stay dry inserts 1 BB overnight doubler 3 small/ 2 med dappi fitteds They came as freebies not sure if they will get used (maybe with the BB covers) and a bunch of prefolds to use as inserts for g's What we still need: Maybe a few more small g covers Medium and Large g diapers and cloth Med and Large BB inserts Cloth wipes which I will be making from cute flannel material very soon Dang that seems like a ton now that it is all written out. I still can't believe in 3 days we will know. I have been feeling baby love more and more lately and I love every kick (once again remind me I said this in a month or 2), every turn, and every stretch.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Welcome To The Jungle

I don't normally write about work, but I thought I would today. I LOVE my job. I enjoy going to work each day and I do not like my days off. I teach preschool and it is the greatest most rewarding job I think I could ever have. My 4 year olds (all 17 of them) are awesome, hilarious, and entertaining and that is just in the first few minutes of arrival each day. I get at least 25 hugs a day and then they tell me they love me just out of the blue. The nice thing is I truly believe them. Today was an interesting day at school. We had a lot going on and lots of special visitors and I had to work my lesson plan around all of this. Funny thing is these are the days I like the most. I like these days that are a little hectic and crazy. I love routine and I know my babies do too, but every now and then it is fun to shake things up. My job is NEVER boring and it is kind of like being in the zoo. Something is always happening, it is really noisy, and they move around a lot. Thank goodness for nap time or I would probably pass out before the day is over. Sometimes I feel spoiled because I have this amazing job. I know I may not make as much money as most people, but it is totally worth it. We don't need a lot of money to be happy in our little house. As long as we are making it we are good. The funny thing is I don't want Brent to get a new job because he will make more money and we will be more secure I want him to get a new job because I want him to be happy to go to work each day like I am. I know he likes what he does because he is really good at what he does even though it isn't his true profession. I want him to LOVE his job. I know I am going to have to bend my life around baby love, but it will definitely be worth it to break out of my routine. I am trying to get into a better routine now before it is time for action. Brent and I do a pretty good job of keeping our tiny house clean, but it can get cluttered in there sometimes because there is really nowhere to put anything. My biggest project coming up will be getting the bed out of the extra bedroom and getting ready to make it a baby room. Mom and I will be hopefully accomplishing this task over spring break because I will be going crazy with nothing else to do. We also need to de-clutter the office, but that is the last thing on my list. I am trying not to start "nesting" too early, but I just can't help myself. I found myself scrubbing the bathtub the other night around 9:00pm. My back was killing me and I was exhausted, but I just couldn't help myself. There is still so much more to do before baby gets here and now that I start thinking about it I start to actually panic! I think this is the first baby panic I have had so far. The biggest thing that worries me is not being at school for the very beginning of the year. You may not think it to look at my classroom or my home, but I can be quite the control freak. I like things done my way and if I don't think you will do it my way or to my standards then I will just do it myself (hence me climbing a 20 foot tall ladder to paint the top of my house). I am almost finished planning for this school year and then I have to go back and plan for the weeks I will miss. We really tried so hard to make sure I wasn't having bebe at the beginning of the school year, but I knew that was exactly what was going to happen. I can definitely say I am way more excited to be finally have my baby, but I am freaking just a tad. I want to make sure things are easy and accessible for my assistant. She will be in charge while I am gone and I want to make sure everything gets done. I just hope my babies aren't insane when I come back, but thank goodness for Cathy because I know she will keep them in line. Being a teacher has taught me how to be loving, but tough and to show my babies school can be fun, but we still have to work hard. Wow I really didn't think I had this much to say today. Final thoughts of the day
5 more days (4 if you are rounding up and this day is really almost over) until we know who baby love is
I am going to buy fleece fabric to make cloth wipes (yes Brent we will get you some baby wipes too)
And I am buying some pretty fabric and metal rings to make a baby sling this weekend (now all I need is mom to show me how to use her sewing machine so I can make everything)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Thunder Rolls

As I sit here with my weather radio and flashlight at my side waiting for the bad stuff to hit I am thinking about what I am going to do when baby love is old enough to understand that storms are scary and mommy is more scared of the storms then he/she is. Many people may not know, but I have spent a considerable portion of my life huddled in closets, doorways, and bathrooms because I am a pansy. I am not sure where this fear came from because it was there before that darn tornado hit our school near my parents house. I feel like an idiot each time I panic and think the tornadoes are coming straight for me (We will not talk about the time the my mom decided we should get out to try to drive from Collierville to East Memphis while tornadoes were touching down in Memphis). So I sit here while Brent is in class preparing myself physically and mentally for the worst tonight. I know it won't be the baby kicking me or the mid night potty breaks that will be keeping me from getting some much needed sleep tonight. Each time the sirens go off tonight and since I already know the satellite dish will be screwed up from the wind and rain, I will sit in front of our computer watching the radar religiously. This brings me back to thoughts of my precious bambino in my belly. Side not................. 6 more days until bambino finally has a name. Now back to where I was. I am thinking about my baby and my fear of storms. Will baby have this fear also? Will I be able to not freak out in front of baby and act like it doesn't bother me or will I panic more because I already have this giant mama bear complex and will be consumed with protecting baby. I think the worst part of the fear is waiting for it to all get here. I keep hoping the worst will miss us like the snow always does, but I don't think I will be so lucky tonight.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things I Love Today

If you have ever met me you know if I see anything I like well then I am going to LOVE it and want it, but I will probably never buy it. This is something I will buy because it is a must with baby love on the way. Cloth Diapers!!! I love them, I think they are the most amazing invention (reinvention), and my baby shall have a fuzzy butt. I have already started my stash as you can see here Fluff , but we will need more! Scary I know because it looks like a lot. We are pretty much covered for the newborn phase (I would like a few more newborn gdiapers , but we can wait), and I believe we are good on small size diapers. So for the first few months unless we have a chunky baby we should be good. All I need now is the cloth inserts. I could buy the gdiaper inserts 6/$26.99 (I am registering for them if I can't find them cheap) and I want to make sure I have enough so I can go a few days between washes and drying. I am also loving my Best Bottom diapers. I have a bunch of these one size covers and small inserts. I just need to grow my med/large stash. Brent is still very hesitant about using cloth diapers, but I think regardless of what kind of diapers we were using Brent will be hesitant. I am brand new to cloth diapers too so I have no idea how we will do. I am going to try lots of different things to see what works best for us, but I feel so much better about using cloth diapers then I ever will with disposable diapers. I wish people would just stop talking crap about me using cloth diapers. If one more person says "You'll do it for a week and then you'll quit", "Why would you want to do that?", "That is going to be too much work," So let me tell everyone once and for all why I want to use cloth diapers. a)Cloth diapers don't have the chemicals sposies have b) If you know me you know I hate trash and love anything biodegradable or recyclable c) Cost d)They are so stinkin cute So quit questioning me why. If you don't want to use them then you don't have to, but my baby will be wearing cloth diapers. People do it everyday and cloth diapers have changed so much over the years and they are so simple to use and I can't wait for baby love to get here so I can put my adorable tiny newborn gdiapers on my babies booty.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mover and Shaker

Is baby loves new name. I guess the chocolate cake and tea I had today has really gotten baby moving. I wish I could feel a good strong kick (remind me of this later when I am complaining about being kicked in the ribs or bladder all night). Is it bad that I sometimes drink a soda just so I can feel baby love moving around? 8 more days and we will know who we will be meeting. Jill and Ben found out yesterday that in a few short months they will be meeting Mr. Noah. I am so excited for them and their new peanut. Now we are just waiting to find out if Noah will have a best friend and is Ms. Ellis will have a boyfriend or if Noah will have a girlfriend and Ellis a BFF. The waiting is driving me mad. I got my request for the day off back and I will be home freaking out all day next Wednesday. I will be baking cupcakes (to be decorated/filled) after our dr. appt. And wrapping baby outfits and just being crazy like I normally am. Mom and I looked at drapery styles last night and we planned out what fabrics we would be using for everything. Then bed will of course will be pink/blue, brown, green. My awesome rocking chair will be brown and white zebra. The curtains will be brown with a coordinating or matching valence. My mom also fount the most perfectly soft rug. It is green with a brown and white braided stripe around the edge. This shall be the prettiest baby room ever! Now we just have to get the bed and sewing machine out of there paint, put up the edging and molding, hang the chandelier and get the crib, shelf, and rocking chair and then we shall be baby ready! Brent and I are going to the Rhealana consignment sale tonight after I meet Laura for yo-lo of course. I have no idea what we will find since we don't know what baby love is yet. I will mainly be looking for cloth diapers. I can't wait for the consignment in South haven because we will know by then and we can get some summer clothes. I feel like I am ending this post without really an ending, but I am really tired and in need of some of my mom's homemade cheesecake {yum}. Here is something that makes me happy today. I think it would look cute on my wall of stuff in my happy green kitchen. What is better then a wooden teapot clock from Decoy Lab

Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 17 Has Come and Gone

I can't believe week 17 is over. Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. 2 more weeks and we are half way there! I think Brent was so out of it this morning that he didn't really understand when I told him this. He is not a morning person like his wife so mornings are going to be super fun when baby love gets here. I have started planning the big reveal for next Wednesday. I have taken (actually requested. I am waiting to hear yeah or nay) the day off and I have purchased a few items, but now I have a new idea of how I might reveal. I will not be giving any names or specifics of the person who made this comment, but I work with them at school and I was telling this person that I was thinking about wrapping up candy bars. Almond Joy for a boy and a Mounds for a girl and I was telling her "because Almond Joy's have ......... " and before I could get nuts out of my mouth she loudly proclaims "Balls" in the middle of the school office. I have never laughed so hard in my life. So yes I may do that or this unnamed person gave me another cute idea. She said to get an empty box and get some helium balloons and put them in said box and when family opens the box pink or blue balloons will fly out. Now I have a song stuck in my head that I shall not sing because it is inappropriate, but Something In a Box will be your clue. I blame the person I work with who shall not be named for sending my mind there this morning. Alright I am back from the dark place. For some reason I decided to weigh myself this morning to see how I was doing gaining/losing weight. I don't want to be losing any weight, but I am not eating as much as I was. Before I got pregnant I used to eat ALL of the the time and for the first few weeks after being sick for a while I ate a ton, but now I am not really hungry. I am really hungry when I wake up, but besides that I don't feel too hungry. So I weighed myself and from the beginning which we will say week 4 since that is when I found out I have only gained 12 lbs. I am hoping since I am almost half way baked that this is a good sign. I just can't imagine gaining more then 20-30 lbs. My back is already suffering from the extra poundage. Here is the belly today. I am actually 18 weeks today and I of course forgot to take a picture last week because the baby is taking over my brain!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger

So a while ago Ms. B commented that she had nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award. I just now realized that this meant I was supposed to share 7 things about myself.
To accept this award there are 4 rules
1) Thank the person who awarded it to you THANK YOU MS B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3)Pass the award on to bloggers/blogs you think are fantastic
4)Contact the bloggers and let them know you chose them
So here it goes.......
1) I knit hats. I mainly knit baby hats for gifts for friends, but I also sell my hats on . I happen to think they are pretty cute and when baby love gets here he/she will have the cutest hats!
2) I am pregnant with my first child. We are still waiting to find out who we will be meeting in a few months, but the countdown has begun. Just 10 more days and baby love will have a name!
3) I LOVE to sing. Everyone who know me or has ridden in a car with me knows that I will change the station over and over and over and over (yes it needs that many overs) again until I find a station with a song I know or like and no matter how random or obscure the song is I will know it word for word.
4) I absolutely LOVE my job. I teach preschool at a private Catholic school and I enjoy going to work everyday. I love my babies and I love when they "get" the stuff I am teaching them. I try to make everything fun and exciting so they will learn to enjoy learning. School should be fun and preschool is not daycare. It is the most important time in school because that is where they learn to LOVE school.
5) My husband and I met while working with m.r. juvenile sex offenders. I have some interesting stories so if you wanna know just ask.
6) I will not, I mean I refuse to boy any piece of clothing or pair of shoes unless they are on sale. It pains me to spend over $30 for anything. When I get a good deal on clothes it always makes me feel better and want that even more. I shop a lot online where I can use online codes and coupons and recently I got 3 dresses, 1 tunic, 1 tank, 1 top, and 1 sweatshirt/jacket for $92.
7) I would rather hang with my husband and my family and just hang out at home. I am not sure when I became such a homebody, but I tell my parents all of the time that I think we should buy a big piece of land and build houses and all live together. I feel sad for people who don't have good relationships with their families because I LOVE mine!
So now I will award a few of my favorite blogs.
The first blog I have begun following and loving is Enjoying The Small Things at . If you don't already follow this blog then you are missing out.
The next blog I love is Prayers for Mason at . This sweet blog is from a mamma and her sweet boy Mason still in her belly.
These are 2 blogs I will check a few times a week for updates and so should you!


No one told me how soon your body started to hurt after becoming pregnant. My entire body hurts today. It doesn't help that we walked the entire zoo today. It was the perfect day for a zoo trip, but man am I regretting it now. My feet and back are so sore no position I sit or lay in helps. All I have to day is my least favorite part of being pregnant is not being able to lay flat on my back. Sleeping on my side sucks and it is painful. I actually love being pregnant. It is the most amazing and wonderful time of my life, but today I hurt. Changing topics....... I was playing on a gender prediction site and here is what I got from 2 different sites says girl and says boy. My first ring test said boy (it went in a circle) and when my friend Carry did it is said girl (swayed back and forth). I really have no idea what I think we will be having. I am glad there is only a 50/50 chance either way. Can you tell where my mind is right now. Until I know who baby love is I don't think I will be able to concentrate on anything else. I shall go to school and love my babies and come home and love the hubby, but these next few days I know I will be a mess. Side note. Our 3rd anniversary is quickly approaching (March 1) and I of course can't leave out my dad's birthday (February 26). These next 2 weeks are jam packed with important dates. I have No clue what to get dad and I thought Brent and I weren't doing gifts, but now he has informed me he has gotten me something so I might need to find him a little somethin somethin.

What To Wear

I am not very stylish, there I said it. I actually try sometime, but I am not very good at putting outfits together.I buy things that are comfortable and that can get dirty at work when we paint or glue feathers on stuff. Being pregnant and having to buy new clothes has been a struggle for me. First no one sells maternity clothes unless you go to those expensive stores and if they do they don't have a very big selection. I have bought most of my stuff at Old Navy online and I have to say I have gotten pretty good deals on everything. So after wearing the same things over and over and over again I just ordered a few new items to expand my shrinking wardrobe. I just found 1 more thing I really want which I might get later, but here is what I got yesterday for pretty cheap.
When I say I got this stuff for a good price I mean I got a REALLY good price. My husband really is a lucky man. I may not be the best baker or home keeper, but dang it I am cheap and I love it. A few more dresses, some tops, and maybe some shorts and I think I can make it through July. I am still trying to find a nightgown and some party dresses, but we can wait until those are needed because those may not be cheap.
>>>>>>>>10 more days!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Counting Up and Counting Down

Each week I am counting how much longer until we meet our little and now I have a new countdown. 11 more days! All I can think about each day is "We have this many days until we know who we will be meeting in a few months." Ever since I hit 16 weeks it feels like time has slowed. I knew there would be some big milestones coming after that week and I think that has made time slow down. I like going back and reading my earlier posts because I really had a feeling baby love was a boy. Now I have gotten it in my head that this little one poking and prodding me is definitely without a doubt a girl. I wish pregnancy tests could tell you you were pregnant and what baby is all at the same time. I just don't understand how people can stand being team green and waiting until baby is born to find out the sex. I would be a crazy person. I am also really looking forward to decorating the nursery and buying clothes and toys for baby love like tea sets or work benches depending on what we have (Don't worry even if baby is a boy he will have baby dolls and a kitchen set and if baby is a girl we will still have a basketball goal and workbench because I hate when parents only give their kids toys for their gender. I believe they should be able to play with whatever they want no matter what). So each week I am counting up how many weeks I am and how much closer we are getting to the end of this journey and each day I am counting down how much time left until we know. Good thing is I get to look forward to finding out what my friends are having first. Jill and Ben find out next week so that takes the edge off a bit. Our children shall be best friends or boy friend and girl friend so this is very important information. I bought a few outfits and bibs yesterday for our big reveal in 11 days and as I sit eating my Kraft easy mac with ketchup (a pre pregnancy condition) looking at baby clothes online. Brent said we could go look at baby stuff today to ease the craziness. So I will go touch tings and maybe write down a few new things so I can remember to go back and register for them in the store since you can't find any of the cute clothes online and I will be trying to think of things to do to keep my mind off of the 11 days I have to wait. Tonight we are going to Ben and Sarah's to celebrate a new addition. The Saltsmans are having a little boy so we are going to cook out and give them some presents. I got them their humidifier since they will be having a winter baby and they may need it pretty soon for those dry winter nights and little stuffy noses to come. I think I might pick up some GiGi's cupcakes to celebrate (and I just want a cupcake). Final thought>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11 MORE DAYS!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since we have some impending expenditures coming up this year and some awesome taxes we "GET" to pay Brent and I am trying to be very frugal lately. He already bought me my adorable Care bear onesie and even that was too much. I decided I would cook him dinner tonight since my cooking has fallen off ever since baby came to be in my belly. I need to get back to my schedule of Pasta Monday, Turkey Tacos Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Crock Pot Thursdays, and Pizza Fridays. I think beginning tomorrow I will get my butt back on track. It is Monday so technically we should be having some sort of pasta, but since it is Valentine's Day a day we really don't celebrate because I think roses are a waste (I do however like a good pot of Gerber Daisies or anything colorful in a pot) and I get my fill of sweets at school we really don't do Valentine's Day. I figured since this would be our last Valentine's Day as just the 2 of us I figured I would make a special dinner. I normally save Pot Roast for Sundays, but I went ahead and threw one together with some red potatoes and baby carrots in my poor over worked crock pot. I finished my culinary skills with a delicious Funfetti cake with red sprinkles on yummy white icing. I have learned over the years to keep my cooking simple. I am not a great cook like my mom and I will never be able to cook like my sister who can make anything and I mean anything. Everything she makes turns out perfect. I however try baking a boxed Duncan Heinz cake and this is what happens. I had to eat a little frosting to keep myself from eating a piece of the cake. Somedays It is really hard having self control when you are pregnant. The sweet Valentine's day gift my daddy dropped off in my mailbox while I was at the grocery store. There was a little somethin somethin inside that there pretty card. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy Freakouts and Beautiful Days

I believe mommy had her first pregnancy freak out this morning (not counting the peanut butter freak out of December). I was going outside to pet the pups when psycho Stella decided it would be a grand idea to jump on my stomach as hard as she could. It hurt really bad and I proceeded to spank her and scold her like a good mother (not my proudest moment). As I went inside to tell Brent what had happened he proceeded to laugh. This made me very pregnant mad and I don't think I have ever been truly mad at my husband, but I think for a second he forgot I had a small being growing in my belly. In a voice I don't think I have ever used with my dear husband I replied "It's not funny!" and turned and stomped away (I might have slammed a drawer too). Realizing his mistake he asked if I was ok and has been oober sweet the rest of the day. Needless to say this really scared me and in true Roxanne fashion I googled if my dog jumping on my belly would hurt baby love. She hit more to the side of my belly then head on and I am sure the bean is fine, but I know I will be thinking about it and worrying about it all day. On the bright side of today we are going down the street for a little open house at our new neighbors today. I know the girls name is Laura (she is a brave soul. She went from house to house collecting names and numbers and meeting the neighbors) not sure if she is married and if so not sure what her hubby's name is. I am going to swing by Target and pick up a bird feeder for her yard as a welcome gift since I am not sure if she drink or not. I am excited to have some neighbors our age on the block.I think my favorite thing today was I got to wear flip flops to Target when I went to pick up my little house warming gift for our new neighbor. Hopefully this little visit will take my mind off of my poor squished baby love. After we stopped off at our new neighbors house delivering humming bird feeders and meeting family we decided to load up the pups into my already loaded up car and head to the dog park. Stella wore herself out catching the ball and swimming while Gibson searched for every person who would touch him and pet him. I was finally hungry after our park trip so we headed off to Kroger so I could pick random things and throw them in the cart. I am sure baby love really wants the beef and bean burritos I grabbed. I know baby will enjoy the berries and sugar free angel food cake too. The second highlight of my day was running into Courtney, Ryan, and Mr. Harrison. Harrison was just a bouncing and kicking away in his little grocery cart seat. He is the most precious little man ever. Just seeing my friends with their babies makes me want mine to hurry up and get here already even more. Here are a few of the things that are making me really happy right now. My second bed. Brent feels so bad how much time I spend on this couch at night, but it is the only place I can sleep comfortably.I always start off in the bed, but every now and then like tonight we call a couch night. When my back hurts I have a couch night  
Flip flops! I LOVE wearing flip flops in February. 
I love knowing that tomorrow I will finally plant my daffodils we bought at Christmas when we (we means daddy) bought our Christmas trees. I was so sick all of December (thanks baby love) that I never got around to it. My favorite nightly tradition. Decaffinated tea with lots of lemon and a little honey. I have been fighting the mommy stuffy nose cold thing for quite seomtime and this is the only thing that seems to help. Notice the belly included in the shot.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One More For The Day

My mom bought me the most awesome Valentine's Day present today. I can't wait to take down that yucky ugly ceiling fan, finish scraping the ceiling, and hang this up. Then the room will really start to feel like my baby nursery. I still have no clue what it will actually turn out to look like in there. I am scared to go to the fabric store with mom because I am afraid I will change my mind on fabrics. All I know is this will be the most gorgeous baby room ever. My mom is amazing at this type of stuff and just like my wedding we are both on the same page of what "We", no not Brent and I, but what mom and I want. Oh and one more thing! Exciting newsflash of the day Brent said he would eat meatloaf if I made it! That is a HUGE victory for me. I love meatloaf and have wanted to make it forever, but he always said he didn't like it, but last night at Vinegar Jim's he tasted it and said he would eat it if I made it. Now I can add a new recipe to my small repertoire. I already told him once the baby comes I am cooking and he is eating what I cook. Hopefully baby like stuffed zucchini, spicy fish, stir fry, and now meatloaf or we are in trouble. Maybe I need to start adding new recipes to my box before baby love starts eating real food.


If baby love is a girl then she shall have one of these
How could I not get an adorable pink tea set with cotton tea bags and cupcakes.

Week 16

Week 16 is almost over and I still can't wrap my head around almost being halfway baked. I feel like we have already done so much in our house, but there is still so much more to do. I started purging the house about a month or 2 ago, but we still have way too much stuff. Our house is so small and just thinking about all of the huge baby things we will be obtaining soon scares the bejessus out of me. We are slowly getting stuff out of the spare room/baby room. We moved my dresser out of there and into our poor cluttered newly rearranged office (we FINALLY sold the leather couch that had a hole chewed in it by stupid Cooter the stray dog I tried to save that ran away). I can't believe that is the one piece we have sold out of the 4 things we were trying to sell. We still need to get rid of the bed, sewing machine, and 2 end table. As we are getting rid of stuff we just brought in a new piece of furniture today. Our friends Jordan and Carrie were giving away a chaise that matches our living room perfectly so we took it off of their hands. I have dubbed it my baby chair. When the peanut gets here that is where I have decided we will sit and eat and I will put the pack-n-play at the foot of it so I can be in arms reach of the changing table etc. I still can't believe how it matches our couch and drapes perfectly. Now we need to get the 2 random chairs our of here plus the weird little basket that holds all kinds of junk. I am sitting here watching Jersey Shore and I am looking around the room right now and the book shelves make me cringe because there is so much junk piled on them. Picture, remote controls, wii junk. We just don't have enough space for our junk. I know it will be nice once the baby gets here because nothing will ever be that far away, but a little more space would be nice someday. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my house. I struggle every week to keep our tiny space clean and uncluttered and I have made Brent promise me that even with the baby here we will keep it up. 18 more days until we find out what baby love is. I have been feeling more and more little pokes, but sometimes I can't tell if I am just imagining it or if I am really feeling it. I am definitely feeling bigger and more pregnant and not just chubby. So here it is in all its glory (it might even look bigger in person.) And here are a few new happies for baby love. A baby divided

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 15

Week 15 is almost over and it has probabbly been the most uneventful week. Besides the constant ache in my lower left back I don't even feel pregnant right now. I have been feeling very faint movements and little pokes, but I am looking forward to really being able to feel bebe. I feel good though becuase I feel like my growing belly and weight gain has plateaued for a while. I am still feeling just chubby and not like I actually look pregnant. I don't feel cute at all in real maternity clothes (except my magic elastic waisted pants which will eb really hard to give up post baby). I feel like I look goofy in maternity dresses and my belly just looks cuter in all of my regular clothes I can fit in. I wish I hadn't bouught a bunch of maternity stuff and just bought some stuff a size up. I am just trying to sort through that scary place I like to call my closet to see what will and won't work. We still haven't really started on the nursery, but I am hoping next week we can get some of the big stuff cleared out so we can start painting. I am feeling so good right now, finally after a week of the cold from hell that I want to get some work done. I can't believe I am almost 4 months pregnant. Only 5 more months to go and they are going to fly by. I feel like I have been pregnant forever, but I also feel like it has gone by so fast. I still haven't really had a panicky moment. I thought by now I would be freaking out about getting stuff done, delivering, after peanut gets here, but I think I wanted this so bad for so long that all of those worries just don't matter. So for now I am calm and counting down the days (25days) until we find out who we will be meeting.