Saturday, February 19, 2011

Counting Up and Counting Down

Each week I am counting how much longer until we meet our little and now I have a new countdown. 11 more days! All I can think about each day is "We have this many days until we know who we will be meeting in a few months." Ever since I hit 16 weeks it feels like time has slowed. I knew there would be some big milestones coming after that week and I think that has made time slow down. I like going back and reading my earlier posts because I really had a feeling baby love was a boy. Now I have gotten it in my head that this little one poking and prodding me is definitely without a doubt a girl. I wish pregnancy tests could tell you you were pregnant and what baby is all at the same time. I just don't understand how people can stand being team green and waiting until baby is born to find out the sex. I would be a crazy person. I am also really looking forward to decorating the nursery and buying clothes and toys for baby love like tea sets or work benches depending on what we have (Don't worry even if baby is a boy he will have baby dolls and a kitchen set and if baby is a girl we will still have a basketball goal and workbench because I hate when parents only give their kids toys for their gender. I believe they should be able to play with whatever they want no matter what). So each week I am counting up how many weeks I am and how much closer we are getting to the end of this journey and each day I am counting down how much time left until we know. Good thing is I get to look forward to finding out what my friends are having first. Jill and Ben find out next week so that takes the edge off a bit. Our children shall be best friends or boy friend and girl friend so this is very important information. I bought a few outfits and bibs yesterday for our big reveal in 11 days and as I sit eating my Kraft easy mac with ketchup (a pre pregnancy condition) looking at baby clothes online. Brent said we could go look at baby stuff today to ease the craziness. So I will go touch tings and maybe write down a few new things so I can remember to go back and register for them in the store since you can't find any of the cute clothes online and I will be trying to think of things to do to keep my mind off of the 11 days I have to wait. Tonight we are going to Ben and Sarah's to celebrate a new addition. The Saltsmans are having a little boy so we are going to cook out and give them some presents. I got them their humidifier since they will be having a winter baby and they may need it pretty soon for those dry winter nights and little stuffy noses to come. I think I might pick up some GiGi's cupcakes to celebrate (and I just want a cupcake). Final thought>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 11 MORE DAYS!

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Mrs. K said...

I know exactly how you feel about the whole finding out thing. We find out in 8 more days & I can barely stand it! Good thing my next few days are busy ones, but still...I definitely agree that time has been dragging lately. I bet it will start to really fly again once we find out the gender. So excited!