Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 16

Week 16 is almost over and I still can't wrap my head around almost being halfway baked. I feel like we have already done so much in our house, but there is still so much more to do. I started purging the house about a month or 2 ago, but we still have way too much stuff. Our house is so small and just thinking about all of the huge baby things we will be obtaining soon scares the bejessus out of me. We are slowly getting stuff out of the spare room/baby room. We moved my dresser out of there and into our poor cluttered newly rearranged office (we FINALLY sold the leather couch that had a hole chewed in it by stupid Cooter the stray dog I tried to save that ran away). I can't believe that is the one piece we have sold out of the 4 things we were trying to sell. We still need to get rid of the bed, sewing machine, and 2 end table. As we are getting rid of stuff we just brought in a new piece of furniture today. Our friends Jordan and Carrie were giving away a chaise that matches our living room perfectly so we took it off of their hands. I have dubbed it my baby chair. When the peanut gets here that is where I have decided we will sit and eat and I will put the pack-n-play at the foot of it so I can be in arms reach of the changing table etc. I still can't believe how it matches our couch and drapes perfectly. Now we need to get the 2 random chairs our of here plus the weird little basket that holds all kinds of junk. I am sitting here watching Jersey Shore and I am looking around the room right now and the book shelves make me cringe because there is so much junk piled on them. Picture, remote controls, wii junk. We just don't have enough space for our junk. I know it will be nice once the baby gets here because nothing will ever be that far away, but a little more space would be nice someday. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my house. I struggle every week to keep our tiny space clean and uncluttered and I have made Brent promise me that even with the baby here we will keep it up. 18 more days until we find out what baby love is. I have been feeling more and more little pokes, but sometimes I can't tell if I am just imagining it or if I am really feeling it. I am definitely feeling bigger and more pregnant and not just chubby. So here it is in all its glory (it might even look bigger in person.) And here are a few new happies for baby love. A baby divided


Mrs. B said...

I can't believe you are already 16 weeks! Love the bump :)

rxy5309 said...

Hey Mrs. B! Me either! I feel like it is going by so fast and I will miss being pregnant, but I am so ready for the end result!