Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Since we have some impending expenditures coming up this year and some awesome taxes we "GET" to pay Brent and I am trying to be very frugal lately. He already bought me my adorable Care bear onesie and even that was too much. I decided I would cook him dinner tonight since my cooking has fallen off ever since baby came to be in my belly. I need to get back to my schedule of Pasta Monday, Turkey Tacos Tuesday, Whatever Wednesday, Crock Pot Thursdays, and Pizza Fridays. I think beginning tomorrow I will get my butt back on track. It is Monday so technically we should be having some sort of pasta, but since it is Valentine's Day a day we really don't celebrate because I think roses are a waste (I do however like a good pot of Gerber Daisies or anything colorful in a pot) and I get my fill of sweets at school we really don't do Valentine's Day. I figured since this would be our last Valentine's Day as just the 2 of us I figured I would make a special dinner. I normally save Pot Roast for Sundays, but I went ahead and threw one together with some red potatoes and baby carrots in my poor over worked crock pot. I finished my culinary skills with a delicious Funfetti cake with red sprinkles on yummy white icing. I have learned over the years to keep my cooking simple. I am not a great cook like my mom and I will never be able to cook like my sister who can make anything and I mean anything. Everything she makes turns out perfect. I however try baking a boxed Duncan Heinz cake and this is what happens. I had to eat a little frosting to keep myself from eating a piece of the cake. Somedays It is really hard having self control when you are pregnant. The sweet Valentine's day gift my daddy dropped off in my mailbox while I was at the grocery store. There was a little somethin somethin inside that there pretty card. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone

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Mrs. K said...

Seems perfect to me! The hubby & I stayed in tonight too & I wouldn't have had it any other way. =)