Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger

So a while ago Ms. B commented that she had nominated me for The Stylish Blogger Award. I just now realized that this meant I was supposed to share 7 things about myself.
To accept this award there are 4 rules
1) Thank the person who awarded it to you THANK YOU MS B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) Share 7 things about yourself
3)Pass the award on to bloggers/blogs you think are fantastic
4)Contact the bloggers and let them know you chose them
So here it goes.......
1) I knit hats. I mainly knit baby hats for gifts for friends, but I also sell my hats on . I happen to think they are pretty cute and when baby love gets here he/she will have the cutest hats!
2) I am pregnant with my first child. We are still waiting to find out who we will be meeting in a few months, but the countdown has begun. Just 10 more days and baby love will have a name!
3) I LOVE to sing. Everyone who know me or has ridden in a car with me knows that I will change the station over and over and over and over (yes it needs that many overs) again until I find a station with a song I know or like and no matter how random or obscure the song is I will know it word for word.
4) I absolutely LOVE my job. I teach preschool at a private Catholic school and I enjoy going to work everyday. I love my babies and I love when they "get" the stuff I am teaching them. I try to make everything fun and exciting so they will learn to enjoy learning. School should be fun and preschool is not daycare. It is the most important time in school because that is where they learn to LOVE school.
5) My husband and I met while working with m.r. juvenile sex offenders. I have some interesting stories so if you wanna know just ask.
6) I will not, I mean I refuse to boy any piece of clothing or pair of shoes unless they are on sale. It pains me to spend over $30 for anything. When I get a good deal on clothes it always makes me feel better and want that even more. I shop a lot online where I can use online codes and coupons and recently I got 3 dresses, 1 tunic, 1 tank, 1 top, and 1 sweatshirt/jacket for $92.
7) I would rather hang with my husband and my family and just hang out at home. I am not sure when I became such a homebody, but I tell my parents all of the time that I think we should buy a big piece of land and build houses and all live together. I feel sad for people who don't have good relationships with their families because I LOVE mine!
So now I will award a few of my favorite blogs.
The first blog I have begun following and loving is Enjoying The Small Things at . If you don't already follow this blog then you are missing out.
The next blog I love is Prayers for Mason at . This sweet blog is from a mamma and her sweet boy Mason still in her belly.
These are 2 blogs I will check a few times a week for updates and so should you!

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