Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mommy Freakouts and Beautiful Days

I believe mommy had her first pregnancy freak out this morning (not counting the peanut butter freak out of December). I was going outside to pet the pups when psycho Stella decided it would be a grand idea to jump on my stomach as hard as she could. It hurt really bad and I proceeded to spank her and scold her like a good mother (not my proudest moment). As I went inside to tell Brent what had happened he proceeded to laugh. This made me very pregnant mad and I don't think I have ever been truly mad at my husband, but I think for a second he forgot I had a small being growing in my belly. In a voice I don't think I have ever used with my dear husband I replied "It's not funny!" and turned and stomped away (I might have slammed a drawer too). Realizing his mistake he asked if I was ok and has been oober sweet the rest of the day. Needless to say this really scared me and in true Roxanne fashion I googled if my dog jumping on my belly would hurt baby love. She hit more to the side of my belly then head on and I am sure the bean is fine, but I know I will be thinking about it and worrying about it all day. On the bright side of today we are going down the street for a little open house at our new neighbors today. I know the girls name is Laura (she is a brave soul. She went from house to house collecting names and numbers and meeting the neighbors) not sure if she is married and if so not sure what her hubby's name is. I am going to swing by Target and pick up a bird feeder for her yard as a welcome gift since I am not sure if she drink or not. I am excited to have some neighbors our age on the block.I think my favorite thing today was I got to wear flip flops to Target when I went to pick up my little house warming gift for our new neighbor. Hopefully this little visit will take my mind off of my poor squished baby love. After we stopped off at our new neighbors house delivering humming bird feeders and meeting family we decided to load up the pups into my already loaded up car and head to the dog park. Stella wore herself out catching the ball and swimming while Gibson searched for every person who would touch him and pet him. I was finally hungry after our park trip so we headed off to Kroger so I could pick random things and throw them in the cart. I am sure baby love really wants the beef and bean burritos I grabbed. I know baby will enjoy the berries and sugar free angel food cake too. The second highlight of my day was running into Courtney, Ryan, and Mr. Harrison. Harrison was just a bouncing and kicking away in his little grocery cart seat. He is the most precious little man ever. Just seeing my friends with their babies makes me want mine to hurry up and get here already even more. Here are a few of the things that are making me really happy right now. My second bed. Brent feels so bad how much time I spend on this couch at night, but it is the only place I can sleep comfortably.I always start off in the bed, but every now and then like tonight we call a couch night. When my back hurts I have a couch night  
Flip flops! I LOVE wearing flip flops in February. 
I love knowing that tomorrow I will finally plant my daffodils we bought at Christmas when we (we means daddy) bought our Christmas trees. I was so sick all of December (thanks baby love) that I never got around to it. My favorite nightly tradition. Decaffinated tea with lots of lemon and a little honey. I have been fighting the mommy stuffy nose cold thing for quite seomtime and this is the only thing that seems to help. Notice the belly included in the shot.

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