Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mover and Shaker

Is baby loves new name. I guess the chocolate cake and tea I had today has really gotten baby moving. I wish I could feel a good strong kick (remind me of this later when I am complaining about being kicked in the ribs or bladder all night). Is it bad that I sometimes drink a soda just so I can feel baby love moving around? 8 more days and we will know who we will be meeting. Jill and Ben found out yesterday that in a few short months they will be meeting Mr. Noah. I am so excited for them and their new peanut. Now we are just waiting to find out if Noah will have a best friend and is Ms. Ellis will have a boyfriend or if Noah will have a girlfriend and Ellis a BFF. The waiting is driving me mad. I got my request for the day off back and I will be home freaking out all day next Wednesday. I will be baking cupcakes (to be decorated/filled) after our dr. appt. And wrapping baby outfits and just being crazy like I normally am. Mom and I looked at drapery styles last night and we planned out what fabrics we would be using for everything. Then bed will of course will be pink/blue, brown, green. My awesome rocking chair will be brown and white zebra. The curtains will be brown with a coordinating or matching valence. My mom also fount the most perfectly soft rug. It is green with a brown and white braided stripe around the edge. This shall be the prettiest baby room ever! Now we just have to get the bed and sewing machine out of there paint, put up the edging and molding, hang the chandelier and get the crib, shelf, and rocking chair and then we shall be baby ready! Brent and I are going to the Rhealana consignment sale tonight after I meet Laura for yo-lo of course. I have no idea what we will find since we don't know what baby love is yet. I will mainly be looking for cloth diapers. I can't wait for the consignment in South haven because we will know by then and we can get some summer clothes. I feel like I am ending this post without really an ending, but I am really tired and in need of some of my mom's homemade cheesecake {yum}. Here is something that makes me happy today. I think it would look cute on my wall of stuff in my happy green kitchen. What is better then a wooden teapot clock from Decoy Lab


Mrs. K said...

Aww! I'm jealous! I can't wait until I can start feeling baby move around in there. So far, I haven't felt ANYTHING that even feels remotely like the baby at this point. =(

Amber said...

yay! ellis made it into your blog!....and no it's not bad to drink soft drinks to feel the baby kick. i have done that several times....especially on the ultrasound day when we found out it was a girl. she was moving like crazy! however, i don't have to do that anymore....she is a crazy kicker on her own now.

Roxanne said...

Of course Ellis is in the blog! She will eaither be babies BFF of girlfriend!!! We shall see in 5 more days!!!!!!!!