Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 15

Week 15 is almost over and it has probabbly been the most uneventful week. Besides the constant ache in my lower left back I don't even feel pregnant right now. I have been feeling very faint movements and little pokes, but I am looking forward to really being able to feel bebe. I feel good though becuase I feel like my growing belly and weight gain has plateaued for a while. I am still feeling just chubby and not like I actually look pregnant. I don't feel cute at all in real maternity clothes (except my magic elastic waisted pants which will eb really hard to give up post baby). I feel like I look goofy in maternity dresses and my belly just looks cuter in all of my regular clothes I can fit in. I wish I hadn't bouught a bunch of maternity stuff and just bought some stuff a size up. I am just trying to sort through that scary place I like to call my closet to see what will and won't work. We still haven't really started on the nursery, but I am hoping next week we can get some of the big stuff cleared out so we can start painting. I am feeling so good right now, finally after a week of the cold from hell that I want to get some work done. I can't believe I am almost 4 months pregnant. Only 5 more months to go and they are going to fly by. I feel like I have been pregnant forever, but I also feel like it has gone by so fast. I still haven't really had a panicky moment. I thought by now I would be freaking out about getting stuff done, delivering, after peanut gets here, but I think I wanted this so bad for so long that all of those worries just don't matter. So for now I am calm and counting down the days (25days) until we find out who we will be meeting.

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