Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pretty Things

Ever since B and I started trying to get pregnant I have been checking out baby stuff and all of the reviews and ratings on everything. When we actually got pregnant I knew exactly what I wanted. I think I had my registry planned out by week 6. The only thing I couldn't decide on was my diaper bag. I didn't really like anything at BRU and the worst part was they didn't carry any of them in the store so you couldn't tell what they were like or what the quality was. I think I finally decided on one now after a comment from a friend. Now I have never been one to like fashionable stuff. I really don't have great style (I really do try sometimes) I am just not one for trends. Well there is one that I started to follow a year or so ago. Vera Bradley. I used to think they were grandma bags that looked like quilts, but lately I have been loving some of their patterns and their bags are so well made. After a friend suggested how much her friend loved her VB bag and since I LOVE my VB bags I decide that this was the bag for me. I have a few wallets, lunch totes, purses, and totes that I carry, but none of them are the same pattern and now the dilemma begins. What pattern do I get? I know I want to use this bag for the next baby so I need to choose something that can go both ways and I am not and overly froo froo kind of girl. Here are the 2 bags I really like. The green and black is the same as a purse B got free when he bought my school tote and the black would be nice because it wouldn't get dirty and would look like a purse.
No matter what I choose I know it will be a great bag because everything made by VB is great quality. I think I am going to go to the store and play with each bag to see what I like best. Plus I just want to go touch everything there.


Mrs. K said...

The green & black one is my favorite! =)

LC said...

I have to agree with you that VB bags are old ladyish....but suprisingly, I really love that green and black one! I would definitly carry that!

rxy5309 said...

Thanks ladies! I will definitely have to go play with them to see which one I like the best.