Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week 11

Week 11 is almost over and I am feeling Fantastic! After my Monday morning random moment of getting sick and after waking up at 1am to pee and never being able to go back to sleep my return to work was Awesome! I have gone ahead and started wearing just my maternity pants and that may have been the greatest decision I have ever made. I tried a Bellaband, but I always felt like my pants were going to fall down and since my mom bought me a ton of cute maternity clothes and a few people have given me some I want to get as much use out of them while I can. I have only gained 6 pounds so far not sure if this is good or bad, but I am ready to look pregnant and not just fat).
I was Outed at school this week. We were doing our weather graph and I was asking my 4k kids if they knew what was going to happen this weekend (It is supposed to snow Sunday and Monday we are praying for a snow day). Well instead of hearing how excited they were about the snow one of my babies raises her hand and says "Mrs. Roxanne is having a baby!" I was so shocked. Then 2 other of my kids piped up that they knew I was having a baby too so I had to tell everyone. I told them I had a baby in my belly and soon my belly would start getting really big to which one of my little girls says "Like Santa's?" SO we continued on our lesson, but later on at lunch they started asking questions like "How did the baby get in my belly" (this could have gotten really interesting, but I am good with random questions) I replied that "God had put the baby in my belly." Christmas has just passed and we had talked a lot about how God had put a baby in Mary's belly so one of my babies suggested we name the baby Jesus. I about peed my pants I was laughing so hard. Everyone had an opinion about what we should name the baby (Power Ranger, Baby, Flick/That was our Elf On The Shelf's Name). I said we had to wait and find out if we were having a boy or girl baby before we picked a name. Now everyone is telling me what kind of baby they want. Of course all the boys want a boy baby and all the girls want a girl baby. I told them we would all get a chance to guess what the baby was before we found out.
Well finally they wanted to know how the baby was going to get out of my belly. I went with the good ole "it will come out of my belly." They wanted to know if it would pop out of my belly and one wanted to know if it would pop out of my mouth! I am guessing this will be a hot topic until they forget or until I actually start getting big.
I thought I had picked out my nursery bedding and went ahead and ordered it (mom didn't care for it much), but it was adorable. I want the room to be kind of antiquey and I really like lambs so this bedding was perfect because it was called sweet lambie. I also got the lamb mobile that matched. Yesterday we went and looked at Hancock fabric and didn't find anything we liked, but when we got home I wanted to show mom a website that made custom baby bedding. We looked at a few pictures and then I pulled up one called Kinsley and immediately fell in love. There is a blue version for boy bedding and of course a pink version for girl bedding. I went ahead and canceled the other bedding, but I am keeping the lamb mobile. We are also going to use some Beatrix Potter stuff like figurines and a lamp.
I am ordering this decal in green to go behind the bed.
There is so much adorable lamb stuff I have found to fulfill my need for lambies.
I have started my cloth diaper stash already because I wanted to play with them before the baby actually gets here and learn how to use them and I needed to find the newborn sized gdiapers because they are hard to find. So here is my fluff stash so far.
1 Best Bottom 1 size diaper (top left), 2 small gdiapers and (bottom left), 12 newborn tiny gpants (right side).
12 tiny g pants (newborn size)
My FAVORITE! Best Bottom diaper. I will be registering for the rest of these.
I feel like I have already done so much in such a short amount of time. I have started purging my house and getting rid of junk. We donated a ton of stuff this morning and a ton more stuff has been finally put away in the attic where it belongs. I started cleaning out the nursery and I am hoping next week I can get the bed, dresser, and sewing machine out of there and get the 2 chairs out of the den. Our house looks HUGE with all of this junk gone! I already feel so prepared.

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Mrs. K said...

I'm glad to see that you're feeling better Rox! The bedding you picked out is adorable, I can't wait to start nursery shopping too. =)