Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week 12

We are now counting down to the end of 1st tri. It feels like Forever since we found out and it also feels like it has already flown by. I have my next Dr. appt. Jan. 26 and I am not sure what will actually happen at this appt. I am guessing we will get to hear the heart beat again, but we won't have another US until my 20 week visit when we find out if I can order the pink or blue material for mom to make my beautiful bedding! It is funny because from the beginning I said I wanted a girl, but I have of course changed my mind because I change my mind about everything and I am really wanting a little boy now. I am sure I will flip flop until we actually know what it is. After trying for so long I don't care what it is as long as he/she is fine and gets here quick. Waiting is killing me right now. I have bought a few more things for baby. We already had a few cloth diapers, but I just bought 4 more covers and a ton of inserts for the Best Bottom inserts. I had registered on a website for a lot of this stuff, but this stuff is kind of important so I decided if I slowly start buying a few pieces every now and then then we will not be spending a TON of $ all at one time. So now we have 5 Best bottom covers with 15 small hemp inserts and a few overnight doublers. Now we just need Med./Large inserts and a few Gdiaper covers and those inserts. As long as we have diapers we can make it! I actually made 1 more baby purchase. B and I went to Babies R Us to look at all of the stuff we wanted for baby (they of course had nothing in store) and I spyed a tiny little lambie toy. I had to have it. It is the tiniest, softest, sweetest, little lamb with a little chime in it and B told me to go ahead and get it. It will be babies first little lovie. I am planning on slowly buying smaller stuff we will need for baby (pacies, small toys, etc,) because I don't want to register for that kind of stuff. Sad, but true I would rather register for bigger stuff I can buy my own pacifiers. Mom and I are going to hit up some consignment sales to see what we can find (clothes, sleep sacks, etc). This stuff is ridiculously expensive so if I can find some in a really good condition for much less then goodtimes. So here's the belly at 12 weeks. I can't believe I am already showing this much. Most of it is bloating and chubby belly. I still feel like I look chubby and not pregnant yet.

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