Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tissues and Other Fluff

No one told me that having a constant runny nose was a symptom of pregnancy. I find that I am turning into one of my 4 year olds. Not often do I find myself with a tissue when I actually need one so my sleeve and or hand has become my new wiping place. It is like a constant drip, drip, drip. Now I fear it is becoming a full fledged cold. I know I have already taken plenty of medicines during this pregnancy for various things (UTI, YI, and other stuff all just as fun as previous ones), but what can I take for a dang cold? I know Tylenol is ok for the headaches (even though it doesn't work so I now just suffer through it by rubbing a frozen water bottle on my head which seems to help some). What can a poor mommy to be take for a cold? I can feel it coming. I wish it would stop teasing me and just get it over with already! On a better note I have found my love for coffee, decaf coffee that is, again. Mind you I like it with a little hot chocolate and a peppermint stick slipped in, but I have once again made my way back to my one true love. How I have missed you so my long lost friend. For a while there it just didn't taste very good, but baby has thrown me a bone finally. I still can't believe we signed up for our Parenting/Breastfeeding classes today. It seems like all of that is so far in the future. I know it will get here really fast, but I hate setting dates (and paying for stuff) so far into the future when you have no idea what will be going on then. I am so glad I went ahead and looked at the classes because they were all almost filled up. These classes are in May and June people! So now we will have a small clue of what we are doing with peanut. We opted to take the one day crash course because we never know when B will be on call or how late he will be working so we thought to get our moneys worth we thought this would be our best choice. The best part is we probably won't learn a darn thing because our good friends Jill and Ben have signed up for the same class. Now we all know B and I are complete goof balls, but throw these 2 into the mix and we are all going to miss something important. At least we know it will be fun and we can all squirm together during the videos (I will be closing my eyes thank you very much). Last night we had a grand ole time hanging out with Mama to be Jill and Papa Ben. We ate some unhealthy food (your welcome baby) and watched the Memphis game which almost gave me a heart attack because it was so darn close. We settled back at the homestead to finish watching the game (so I didn't have to be so far from a potty). This is my dilemma. I am SO thirsty ALL the time so I drink water or sugar free juice ALL day long. Now when you become pregnant for some reason your body decides it hates you and every drop of water you put into it immediately comes right out. Now picture me with an already pee sized bladder chugging 5 glasses of deliciously cold water. Now give it 2 minutes and BAM! I will be on the bathroom every 3 minutes. I can even go to the bathroom, walk out, turn right around and pee again! Ahhh make it stop! And the Awesome part is it just gets worse from here. Woohoo. So at least we have something to look forward too. I think I have (maybe) talked B into bundling up today and taking the pups to the dog park. For the love of God Stella needs to run and run for a LONG time. She has not had enough exercise lately and she is making me insane! I think she can either sense something is going on or smell something because she will not leave me alone. She lays on my face (yes on my face literally. She puts her entire head on my face!) She licks my toes (As weird as she is yes this is a new one.) And she just won't leave me alone. Now she was always needy, but this is becoming too much. By the end of this I shall have to start locking her in the closet to get some peace. The last thing I have to add on this super long post is I got e some new Fluff! No not marshmallow fluff, but butt fluff! I was showering yesterday when all of a sudden the doorbell rang. B intercepted my package and came in to ask "What did you order from CA"? Diapers of course!! I got a Great deal from a momma on I got 2 Best Bottom covers, 15 hemp inserts, and 3 other inserts for $125. I already have 3 BB covers, 12 newborn tiny gpants, 2 small gdiapers, and 5 Dappi cloth diapers plus 2 covers. I think this is a good start. All we need is the Med/Large inserts for the BB, a few more sizes of gdiapers and their inserts and we are covered. At least we know we will have this part of the bebe covered. So here is everything so far. Best Bottom Covers and Inserts Dappi Cloth and Newborn Gpants

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