Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Was That?

Today I kept feeling these weird tickling feelings in my lower belly. I am only 14 weeks 2 days and I have read that some people can feel flutters this early, but I am not sure. It feels like someone is tickling my belly from the inside. So if that is you Baby D then I am feeling you! I can't wait to really feel him (I am still going with him) move and kick in there. I will laugh when I look back (after my scan in a few weeks) and we have found out it is a girl. I just have this feeling that peanut is a little boy. Either way I know le bebe will be a wild child and that is comforting.


'HoulaMom said...

That's exactly how the movement was described to me! Congratulations, and remember these gentle flutters when the baby is knocking your ribs around this summer ;-)

rxy5309 said...

Ha Ha I know! I am trying to enjoy it now while it is comforting and not painful.