Saturday, February 12, 2011

One More For The Day

My mom bought me the most awesome Valentine's Day present today. I can't wait to take down that yucky ugly ceiling fan, finish scraping the ceiling, and hang this up. Then the room will really start to feel like my baby nursery. I still have no clue what it will actually turn out to look like in there. I am scared to go to the fabric store with mom because I am afraid I will change my mind on fabrics. All I know is this will be the most gorgeous baby room ever. My mom is amazing at this type of stuff and just like my wedding we are both on the same page of what "We", no not Brent and I, but what mom and I want. Oh and one more thing! Exciting newsflash of the day Brent said he would eat meatloaf if I made it! That is a HUGE victory for me. I love meatloaf and have wanted to make it forever, but he always said he didn't like it, but last night at Vinegar Jim's he tasted it and said he would eat it if I made it. Now I can add a new recipe to my small repertoire. I already told him once the baby comes I am cooking and he is eating what I cook. Hopefully baby like stuffed zucchini, spicy fish, stir fry, and now meatloaf or we are in trouble. Maybe I need to start adding new recipes to my box before baby love starts eating real food.

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