Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things I Love Today

If you have ever met me you know if I see anything I like well then I am going to LOVE it and want it, but I will probably never buy it. This is something I will buy because it is a must with baby love on the way. Cloth Diapers!!! I love them, I think they are the most amazing invention (reinvention), and my baby shall have a fuzzy butt. I have already started my stash as you can see here Fluff , but we will need more! Scary I know because it looks like a lot. We are pretty much covered for the newborn phase (I would like a few more newborn gdiapers , but we can wait), and I believe we are good on small size diapers. So for the first few months unless we have a chunky baby we should be good. All I need now is the cloth inserts. I could buy the gdiaper inserts 6/$26.99 (I am registering for them if I can't find them cheap) and I want to make sure I have enough so I can go a few days between washes and drying. I am also loving my Best Bottom diapers. I have a bunch of these one size covers and small inserts. I just need to grow my med/large stash. Brent is still very hesitant about using cloth diapers, but I think regardless of what kind of diapers we were using Brent will be hesitant. I am brand new to cloth diapers too so I have no idea how we will do. I am going to try lots of different things to see what works best for us, but I feel so much better about using cloth diapers then I ever will with disposable diapers. I wish people would just stop talking crap about me using cloth diapers. If one more person says "You'll do it for a week and then you'll quit", "Why would you want to do that?", "That is going to be too much work," So let me tell everyone once and for all why I want to use cloth diapers. a)Cloth diapers don't have the chemicals sposies have b) If you know me you know I hate trash and love anything biodegradable or recyclable c) Cost d)They are so stinkin cute So quit questioning me why. If you don't want to use them then you don't have to, but my baby will be wearing cloth diapers. People do it everyday and cloth diapers have changed so much over the years and they are so simple to use and I can't wait for baby love to get here so I can put my adorable tiny newborn gdiapers on my babies booty.

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