Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

I feel like this week my life will change forever. I know I will be saying that the day I actually go into labor, and I will probably say it many other times, but this is the week. This is when we find out. This is when we know who we will be meeting. I will have to find something else to blog about. Tuesday Brent and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary which is a huge event in itself (It still feels like it was just yesterday we were listening to Death and Flashlights), but Wednesday is the BIG day. I now wish we had made the dr. appointment earlier in the day, but then I would have to keep the secret even longer. Oh my God I don't know how I will stand it. Good thing is there are a few people who will be getting a phone call right after (Lis, Cary, Amber, Laura) so if you are lucky and live out of town or I won't be seeing you anytime soon you might you should be waiting by the phone cause I will be a calling. Then I have to wait until dinner that night for the big reveal. I am still not sure how I want to do it. I have 2 boy/girl outfits and bibs, I might make surprise cupcakes since we are celebrating Dad's birthday also (sorry daddy if we are taking away some thunder from such a big birthday you are really old you know), or I could do the Almond Joy (has balls.....see earlier post for clarification Week 17, Mounds don't (get it nudge nudge). The last option is the funniest, but I don't think my mom would prefer that reveal. Now it feels like things are really happening. We received our crib from Laura and Steven yesterday and even without detailed instructions (Thank you Laura's dad for writing down where every screw and bolt went) Brent and I put that baby together in about 30 minutes.
Isn't it beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. I don't think I will ever be able to thank the Laura enough for this. Now all we need to do is get the extra bed and sewing machine out of there. The funny thing is having the crib makes me want it to be July even more. I keep the door closed to the room because I keep walking by and staring at it or playing with it somehow. I have moved the mobile and re tightened screws, and I just can't stop looking at it. I just feel so ahead of the game and once Spring Break gets here we will really be rolling along. We are also almost done with our diaper stash. So here it is in all it's glory. For those of you who don't know about cloth diapers. Basically this will be the diapers we use everyday, wash about every 2 or 3 days, and after we are done building our stash we will never have to buy diapers ever again. So instead of spending a few thousand dollars on diapers we might spend $300-400 on diapers for 2 kids. Plus we won't have the trash that regular diapers make. Here is some information on using Cloth Diapers for anyone who is curious So here it is the list of what we have and what we still need. 12 newborn g diapers 5 small g's 4 large g's 18 small g cloths 5 new Best Bottom covers (cloths and inserts are what hold the poop and pee) 15 small BB hemp inserts 2 small BB stay dry inserts 1 BB overnight doubler 3 small/ 2 med dappi fitteds They came as freebies not sure if they will get used (maybe with the BB covers) and a bunch of prefolds to use as inserts for g's What we still need: Maybe a few more small g covers Medium and Large g diapers and cloth Med and Large BB inserts Cloth wipes which I will be making from cute flannel material very soon Dang that seems like a ton now that it is all written out. I still can't believe in 3 days we will know. I have been feeling baby love more and more lately and I love every kick (once again remind me I said this in a month or 2), every turn, and every stretch.

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