Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Thunder Rolls

As I sit here with my weather radio and flashlight at my side waiting for the bad stuff to hit I am thinking about what I am going to do when baby love is old enough to understand that storms are scary and mommy is more scared of the storms then he/she is. Many people may not know, but I have spent a considerable portion of my life huddled in closets, doorways, and bathrooms because I am a pansy. I am not sure where this fear came from because it was there before that darn tornado hit our school near my parents house. I feel like an idiot each time I panic and think the tornadoes are coming straight for me (We will not talk about the time the my mom decided we should get out to try to drive from Collierville to East Memphis while tornadoes were touching down in Memphis). So I sit here while Brent is in class preparing myself physically and mentally for the worst tonight. I know it won't be the baby kicking me or the mid night potty breaks that will be keeping me from getting some much needed sleep tonight. Each time the sirens go off tonight and since I already know the satellite dish will be screwed up from the wind and rain, I will sit in front of our computer watching the radar religiously. This brings me back to thoughts of my precious bambino in my belly. Side not................. 6 more days until bambino finally has a name. Now back to where I was. I am thinking about my baby and my fear of storms. Will baby have this fear also? Will I be able to not freak out in front of baby and act like it doesn't bother me or will I panic more because I already have this giant mama bear complex and will be consumed with protecting baby. I think the worst part of the fear is waiting for it to all get here. I keep hoping the worst will miss us like the snow always does, but I don't think I will be so lucky tonight.


Mommy Chon said...

HAHA you completely cracked me up during this whole blog. You are so funny! I've never been afraid of storms so this is the complete opposite of me. So how did it go? Did it hit down close to you? Hopefully not and hopefully you're safe -=)

Roxanne said...

The sad thing was it blew right through and nothing! I was in the hallway with my flashlights (yes 2! one is a hand crank incase the first one goes out), weather radio, a bottle of water, my rain boots (just incase you never know when you might need your rainboots), my dogs, and chapstick. I've really gotta get over this before baby gets here = )