Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 17 Has Come and Gone

I can't believe week 17 is over. Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. 2 more weeks and we are half way there! I think Brent was so out of it this morning that he didn't really understand when I told him this. He is not a morning person like his wife so mornings are going to be super fun when baby love gets here. I have started planning the big reveal for next Wednesday. I have taken (actually requested. I am waiting to hear yeah or nay) the day off and I have purchased a few items, but now I have a new idea of how I might reveal. I will not be giving any names or specifics of the person who made this comment, but I work with them at school and I was telling this person that I was thinking about wrapping up candy bars. Almond Joy for a boy and a Mounds for a girl and I was telling her "because Almond Joy's have ......... " and before I could get nuts out of my mouth she loudly proclaims "Balls" in the middle of the school office. I have never laughed so hard in my life. So yes I may do that or this unnamed person gave me another cute idea. She said to get an empty box and get some helium balloons and put them in said box and when family opens the box pink or blue balloons will fly out. Now I have a song stuck in my head that I shall not sing because it is inappropriate, but Something In a Box will be your clue. I blame the person I work with who shall not be named for sending my mind there this morning. Alright I am back from the dark place. For some reason I decided to weigh myself this morning to see how I was doing gaining/losing weight. I don't want to be losing any weight, but I am not eating as much as I was. Before I got pregnant I used to eat ALL of the the time and for the first few weeks after being sick for a while I ate a ton, but now I am not really hungry. I am really hungry when I wake up, but besides that I don't feel too hungry. So I weighed myself and from the beginning which we will say week 4 since that is when I found out I have only gained 12 lbs. I am hoping since I am almost half way baked that this is a good sign. I just can't imagine gaining more then 20-30 lbs. My back is already suffering from the extra poundage. Here is the belly today. I am actually 18 weeks today and I of course forgot to take a picture last week because the baby is taking over my brain!

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