Sunday, February 20, 2011


No one told me how soon your body started to hurt after becoming pregnant. My entire body hurts today. It doesn't help that we walked the entire zoo today. It was the perfect day for a zoo trip, but man am I regretting it now. My feet and back are so sore no position I sit or lay in helps. All I have to day is my least favorite part of being pregnant is not being able to lay flat on my back. Sleeping on my side sucks and it is painful. I actually love being pregnant. It is the most amazing and wonderful time of my life, but today I hurt. Changing topics....... I was playing on a gender prediction site and here is what I got from 2 different sites says girl and says boy. My first ring test said boy (it went in a circle) and when my friend Carry did it is said girl (swayed back and forth). I really have no idea what I think we will be having. I am glad there is only a 50/50 chance either way. Can you tell where my mind is right now. Until I know who baby love is I don't think I will be able to concentrate on anything else. I shall go to school and love my babies and come home and love the hubby, but these next few days I know I will be a mess. Side note. Our 3rd anniversary is quickly approaching (March 1) and I of course can't leave out my dad's birthday (February 26). These next 2 weeks are jam packed with important dates. I have No clue what to get dad and I thought Brent and I weren't doing gifts, but now he has informed me he has gotten me something so I might need to find him a little somethin somethin.

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