Friday, February 3, 2012

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With Strings

These are 2 of my favorite things

I very rarely get to cuddle with Kinley now that she is so close to going mobile. She can easily fall asleep all on her own no rocking and no paci, but if she will let me rock her you better believe I do. She has to be REALLY tired for this to happen.

My number 1 most favoritest thing Baby Girl does is when she reaches up her hand to my lips so I will kiss it. It is a little piece of heaven every time she does it.

We are getting some family and baby pictures done tomorrow and I am pretty frakin excited! I can not wait to post them for all to see.

Happy Friday


MillerMama said...

We have that outfit - I love it! And the baby kisses :)

Mrs. K said...

Carter does that with his hand too! Gotta love love from the littles. <3