Monday, December 26, 2011

Next Christmas I Gave You My Heart

Since I am already mentally planning Kinley's 1st birthday I decided to go ahead and start planning next year's Christmas as well. Sadly I already have a stockpile of presents in the attic for next year and I will just keep adding to it as the year goes on. I just spotted something awesome on a blog I follow and I found a picture online and decided "I can make that!" I plan on starting this this summer since I will have so much time one my hands.

Feast your eyes on the felt camp fire! Cute right? I believe my new felting tool will come in very handy.

We will definitely have the felt marshmallows on sticks and Smores.

This will go great with the tent residing in my attic.
Bought at Target on sale for $7 originally $30

We will also need a little camping scene to make things really authentic.

I would really like to make something like this to round everything out.

I will be keeping a lookout at yard sales and the thrift stores for 2 little round stools to make some toadstools out of. Maybe I will be able to find a little round table to paint to match.

I would like a homemade Christmas next year. I plan on making some new decorations and hopefully most if not all of the gifts I give. I did pretty good this year and since Kinley will be a bit older and I won't be pumping I will have lots more time on my hands to finish my projects before Christmas eve.

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