Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things I Love Today

I have spent the past few days in front of the TV/computer under the humidifier with a sick baby girl and I have found a few things I would like to purchase in the future.

  Bike Trailer and Carrier Cover via Target. I have actually been searching for something for the baby carrier for quite some time. It is actually very reasonable  at $20, but it is only available online. If I could get it in the store I would already own it. The bike trailer is something I would like to get in the future.

The Wooden Walker is from Ikea and would be awesome to have when Kinley starts walking. It is also very reasonably priced at $19.99. If only we had an Ikea close to us I would also already have this. Maybe it is a good thing we don't have an Ikea close. Every time B or I see something from there we always say how much we like it. We might be even poorer.

Lastly are the wooden toys. I LOVE the Wooden Teacup Teether from etsy and the Wooden Rainbow Puzzle. I actually had a wooden rainbow when I was little and I loved it and unless my mom still has my old one I would really like to get one for Kinley. The wooden teether is just too stinkin cute and I think Kinley would love slobbering and chewing on something so adorable. I think we are really working on a tooth so we may need something like that sooner then later. I can't find the darn link to the rainbow puzzle which stinks because now I won't know where to order it from. Hopefully I can find it later because I am to tired to search right now.

I am sure I will find ore things I want need over the next 2 weeks. Oh did I mention that I get to spend 2 whole weeks with my baby girl. I didn't not become a teacher because of the vacation time, but man it sure is nice.

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