Saturday, December 17, 2011

There and Back

I started writing a post the other day about how I was freaking out about our first trip con bebe, but now that we are back I have quickly erased that post. Kinley did SO well. She slept on the 3 hour drive there and the drive back. And my main worry was how we would all sleep in a different place. Kinley had never slept in a Pack N Play before and Friday night was a little rough because my baby love makes a lot of noise and moves around a lot when she sleep, but Saturday night I think we were so worn out from partying that either she slept very soundly or we just didn't hear her.
Speaking of our first trip away we had an Absolute blast! This was many of our friends first time meeting Kinley and she of course was a show off. smiling and screaming and just being her jolly ole self. We also got to meet 1 of our friends littles for the first time and I think Evan and Kinley were smitten Kittens.

The party was Tacky Christmas Sweater Party, We of course in Team D fashion went all out with tacky sweaters, nutcracker head necklaces, and Christmas socks, but sadly besides my little family, Russell and Amber  and my friend Alli no one else decided to dress up. There was a contest for best couple outfits so I new we had it in the bag since I created a custom designed tacky sweater for my precious offspring.

Uuntil this happened.

Yes that is our friend Jason, The burliest man I know dressed as cousin Eddie. Sadly we did not win the contest even though I made my child her very own Tacky Christmas Sweater.

We had such a good time and now we know how well Kinley travels hopefully we will hopeflly be back soon.

Let's get the round crinkly thing!

Hi friend!


Ellis eat Kinley face!

Tandem Tummy Time
Stink face

There's nothing better then 1 daddy in a wife beater and 1 daddy in a tacky Christmas sweater

Donegan and Kinley in the baby jail. Kinle is telling Donegan all he needs to know about baby girls. We can't wait for baby girl Sadie to hurry up and get here.

Ellis is freakin excited!

Kinley let me borrow that hat

Susan looks cute. Kinley looks drunk.

Tacky baby

It's a Christmas miracle! We got all 6 babies in 1 shot.

Ready to ride

And she's out

Nashville was too much fun! We can't wait to go back soon.

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