Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Week 3

We are officially three weeks into summer break and we are already starting to plan some more fun for the next six weeks. After two weeks of gloomy, rainy, swim lesson filled days we finally have some sunshine and some freedom to move around a little more. So far this summer we have swam, sewn, made crafts, painted, watched a lot of movies, eaten a ton of watermelon, and done a lot of cooking. I have been trying out new recipes that will be awesome for meal planning once school starts again. I have also tried quite a few donut recipes since I just had to try out my donut pan Brent and Mckinley gave me for mother's day.

We celebrated Father's Day this past weekend with a pizza extravaganza and I can thankfully say besides a slight upset tummy from the cheese I did not have an allergic reaction to my Gourmet White gluten free pizza from Mellow Mushroom. Now that I think about it I am not sure if it was the cheese or the fact that I ate an entire 12" pizza between the hours of 4 and 9, but it was worth it. 

We started to get a little stir crazy those first two weeks because of the crazy pop up downpours every few hours. I think the weathermen just kind of gave up after a few days. There were a few days we were able to get out in our awesome pool, but those darn storms chased us in every single day. Thanks to my awesome mom and dad I got a little break this past weekend when they took Mckinley to spend the night at their house Sunday evening and then my mom kept her ALL day Monday! I didn't know what to do with myself. My house was clean, I only had a few errands, to run, and I had already worked out. I don't do relaxing very well so I was happy to pick up my girl that evening.

On Tuesday we had a go with the flow day. We had planned to check out a story hour at a local bookstore, but that plan quickly went out the window after a visit to the park right down the street from our house turned into a two hour visit to school. We swung by to visit friends at summer camp and ended up having so much fun we couldn't leave. After that we took an exciting trip to the grocery store and before we knew it it was lunch time and nap time.

Wednesday we had a playdate with our friends Heather, Conner, and Hayden at the Children's Museum. We LOVE the Children's Museum and I was so excited to get to meet the CEO and learn all about the new updates they are planning for the toddler area.

Wednesday night I went with my sister, aunt, and a few of her coworkers to see Ceelo Green and Lionel Richie.
It was a blast and made me want to go buy every Lionel Richie album so Mckinley and I could dance around the den especially to ballerina girl since she is now obsessed with this tutu.

Thursday we spent the day up at school filling in at summer camp for a teacher who was out of town. We weren't too helpful since one class had 2 kids out sick so Mckinley spent the day playing in one of the kindergarten classrooms while I got a bunch of work done for the upcoming school year (It is impossible for me to turn off my teacher brain!) We will have another relaxing day today with a visit to the park and later we will run by school to hang out while a few of the teachers take their lunch breaks. Later this evening Mckinley will be heading to Nonni and Car Car's house, I will be helping at a friends son's rehearsal dinner, and Brent will get to chill at home with no crazy women bossing him around.

So far our summer has been pretty relaxing and fun and I can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for us.

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