Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Day At The Fair

I am trying to catch up with what has been been going on lately with Team D and one of my favorites I couldn't miss was Mckinley's night at the fair. Let me just start by saying I did not want to go to the fair and tried to think of every way I could get out of it while I was at work, but what I thought was going to be a very hot very miserable night (I was exhausted because it was one of the first weeks of school) turned out to be an amazing evening. 

This little adventure was concocted by the grandparents and I think this will be a yearly tradition now. We all had such a fun time especially the little lady. Hopefully Noni will get to join us next year.

We rode every ride my tiny girl was tall enough to ride

After riding the Carousel the first time I was feeling pretty motion sick so Yaya rode the last time around to use up our last few tickets

I actually rode on one of the rides with her and it was a little intense for me, but she loved it!

We petted and fed every animal we could find

 Our favorite were the baby pigs

We ate pizza

We rode ponies.I had promised Mckinley we would ride a pony ever since I had told her we were going and thanks to Yaya chatting with the pony carney we got a super long ride.

The Papa and Car Car checking out the bench situation

This will definitely be a yearly tradition from now on

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