Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

Mommy's Log: Icemageddon  Day 2

It has only been three days since the ice fell, but it feels more like a month! We have crafted, we have played Hi-HO Cherry-0, and put together every puzzle we own, we have sledded, I have worked out for an hour each day, and  cleaned everything I could possibly clean. I can't take it anymore! I already know I am not cut out to be at home all day long because I am home for 2 months during the summer and 2 months is long enough for me! Some people may think I am nuts, but I will actually be working 2 days a week this summer at a summer camp that Mckinley will also go to. It will be good for both of us plus I will make some money to pay the girl's tuition so win win.


 Brent came home from work really early on Monday and we busted out the sled my parents had dropped off the day before. We didn't stay out too long because it was so dang cold, but we definitely had fun while we were out there.



Brent didn't get to stay home with us on Ice Day 2 and we had to dig his car out of the ice with hot water and a tiny Louisville slugger so he could actually go in to work.

 I still can't believe we don't have school tomorrow and we will definitely be wandering out to grab some groceries and possibly spend a few hours meandering around Target with a coffee and some popcorn. Hopefully the forecast for Friday isn't as nasty as this last storm and we won't spend our entire weekend trapped inside.

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