Sunday, November 1, 2015

Second Tri Second Time

Hello second trimester! I am not surprised that this milestone snuck up on me. Between the last few days of the pregnancy hangover feeling, school, the girl, the husband, the house, and the dogs I haven't had much time to actually think about being pregnant. Thank goodness for this nifty Ovia app that keeps me up to date on what is going on because I definitely don't have time to read any books or calculate how far along I am this time around. It is strange how this pregnancy feels like it is creeping along and flying by all at the same time. Before we know it we will be rolling past Christmas and if you are a teacher you know it is all down hill from there. I know I wrote last time all about how different this pregnancy is from last time, but it is so true. Everything is different from what I am wearing this time around to how I forget every week to take my weekly belly pictures this time. I have maybe taken 3 or four pictures this time compared to the religious weekly pictures I took last time around. The good news is both kids will be equal on baby books because I still haven't finished Mckinley's and I might make one for the sweet pea. 

The 4 pictures I have taken over the last 14 weeks. 

I started this new chapter of this pregnancy with a bang or maybe I should say an itch last night when I forgot to take my gluten free soy sauce to the sushi restaurant last night. I decided to say screw it let's dance gluten and I bet you can guess who won that fight. Good news is no hives just some swollen red and lots of itching. A little Benadryl and I slept better than I have slept in the last 3 months. It is funny to think how differently I ate during my last pregnancy. I wasn't yet aware of what was making me miserable and itchy and it wasn't until Mckinely was about 2 that everything changed.  Now that the thought and smell of food doesn't make me want to run screaming out of the room I can hopefully get back to eating healthier. I am definitely in a better place than I started when I got pregnant with Mckinley and I am hoping my eating habits and activity level this time will help me not gain 50 lbs. this time. 

So far this week I feel as close to normal as you can possibly feel while growing a human in your uterus. I do get pretty tired a few days a week, but I will take a little tired over completely exhausted any day. I still haven't felt any movement that I can recall. I have had a few tickles here and there but nothing I would consider as big movements. Hopefully in the next few weeks this baby will give me some reassurance that he or she is doing ok in there. I go back to the dr. next week so I am praying for a nice strong heartbeat. My next appt. after that will be an ultrasound appointment and we are hoping to see which name we will be choosing come April/May. I am still trying to figure out how to break the news to everyone, but I haven't decided on anything just yet. Last time I made cupcakes after we found out to share with our family over dinner, but this time I want to let Mckinley be a part of the celebration. 

If anyone has any good ideas send them my way because this mamma was up all night and stuck at home today with my sickly coughing first born and I am bored out of my mind!! Hopefully baby doesn't mind the three cups of coffee I snorted today!

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