Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time To Celebrate!

Yesterday I got To take Mckinley to her first big kid birthday party. My sweet Corinne turned 5 yesterday and we couldn't miss the big day!  The best part was almost my entire class was there so I got to see all of my precious babies and Mckinley got to hang out with one of my first babies I ever had after returning to Memphis Corinne's big sister Sarah. 

It was so surreal yesterday watching this little girl who used to have slumber parties with me and I used to take her to the dog park and the treats he always wanted wa yogurt covered pretzels was taking are of my baby girl! 

I had a blast and I know Mckinley also had a blast because the entire way home after the party she was crying to go back and play with the kids! I am so excited for Mckinley to start school because I know he will love all of the learning and stricter it provides, but her love I friends is what I am most looking forward to and I look forward to having school parent friends
And I still can't believe my little date devil jumped off if a giant ledge while hanging from a ring and jumped into a giant pit of foam every second of it and only looked to me with a big smile! I am so glad she loved it because I believe we will be starting gymnastics next year. My tiny peanut is built to be a gymnist so we shall give it a whirl and see how it goes. 

We had so muh fun and I guess I better start stocking up on birthday gifts because I see many more of these fun days in our future!

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