Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Summer Summertime!

I hope you are all now singing the title in your best Will Smith voice. And now you are probably starting to hum the fresh price of bel air theme song and you might even be doing the Carlton dance. Now that you have all of that awesomeness stuck in your head lets talk summertime!!!!!!

School is out and it is time to relax with my girl and enjoy our time off. And by relax I mean play outside all day, search for bugs, and get dirty. 

We have so many fun things planned this summer from swimming lessons to zoo dates, but I am already dreaming about the days we strap on our swim suits slather on some sunscreen and I lay in the hammock with my feet in the pool while the wild child splashes around and gets dirty enough to need a bath every single night. I may or may not count a few hours in the pool as a bath some days and some of you may be cringing right now and a few of you are nodding your head and thinkin to yourself "thank god I am not the only one who does that!" 

Last year we spent most of our time in one of those tiny plastic baby pools and while that was great my girl has quickly outgrown her little wading pool. Thankfully we are teaming up with Backyard Ocean this year and they are giving away tons of school stuff this summer!

Between May 26 to June 4, 2014 Backyard Ocean will be hosting some awesome giveaways and yes I said giveaways! 

So stay tuned and go check out Backyard Ocean on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram and be on the look out for a ton of pictures of my feet and my kid in a party pool. I will be posting again soon with more information about how to enter and be on the look out for wild child and my review. I am pretty sure we are going to love chilling in a pool together all day long! 

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