Saturday, May 23, 2015

Dance, Dance , Dance

When I signed Mckinley up for dance class this year I wasn't really sure what to expect. Would she be the kid rolling on the floor and hanging upside down on the bar or would she be the one crying in the corner the entire time. Thankfully it was not a waste of time or money because she absolutely loved it. We also had a pretty kick ass ballet teacher who has the patience of a saint so that definitely made the entire experience amazing!

Every Thursday Mckinley would wake up asking if it was dance day and skip into school carrying her dance bag with her tiny leotard, tights, and leg warmers (you better believe we rock some leg warmers). At first she was a little shy, but it wasn't long before she warmed up and started acting like her ole crazy self! After months of practice and I am sure a lot of blood sweat and tears from Mrs. Miller the big day arrived.

We had already practiced our stage makeup (she wants lipstick everyday now), but the dance hair was a whole other story. Sadly my poor girl has my hair and there isn't an ounce of curl in either of us. We basically ended up with a half up barely wavy style job with a ton of hairspray!

We had a LOOOOOOOOOONG talk when she woke up that morning about acting like a normal person because mommy wanted to take pretty pictures today and as you can see she really took that conversation to heart.

Keeping busy in between dances.

It is really sad that no one loves this wild child. Sadly Yaya and Papa had a cruise planned for the same week as the recital, but we made sure to take lots of video so they could watch when they got back.

 Dance Buddies.

I am so happy we gave dance a try and I hope she wants to dance again next year.

I am so very proud of my tiny little ballerina!

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