Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life Lately

11 more days people! 11 more days!! Not that I am counting or anything! About right about now I am thankful that I have killed myself to get all of my lesson plans done for the rest of the year, assessments are done, and I am starting to prep a few things for next year. All of this work means I have gotten to enjoy myself and relax a little bit this past week. We have been so thankful for the beautiful weather we have had recently and we have taken full advantage of it which means every night is a bath night these days. 

As we get closer to the end of the year it is getting harder and harder to wake up every morning and my morning girl has turned into this ray of sunshine. 

She is obsessed with dresses and only wants to wear the one uniform dress we have. Between that discussion and begging me for milk and candy our mornings are quite interesting. 

Our first fair of the season. 

Definitely a bath night. 

Mckinley's class have been working on putting together a lemonade stand all year and all of their hard work payed off! I am so proud of all of these cuties for raising so much money. 

Dance dress rehearsal yesterday and and dance recital this weekend! I never thought I would be a dance mom, but here I am. I definitely needed a glass of wine after this craziness!

Just a girl and her electric toothbrush. She is a tad bit obsessed. 

Trying to talk her way into staying up just a few more minutes.

And one of me and this lady. I don't typically post too many pictures of myself  so I had to share. Not sure if I would have made it through the last few years without this hot mess!! 4k is definitely a fun place to be!!

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