Sunday, June 28, 2015

Life Lately

We try to spend as much time as we can with our families which is pretty easy to do since they all live relatively close by. The grandparental's are always requesting sleepovers with the wild child so she gets spoiled by one set or the other practically every weekend. Now that it is summer time we are spending even more time with family especially my mom since she is a crazy get up and goer like us. We have also tried to squeeze in as many play dates and grill outs with friends to squeeze every bit of fun out of this summer.

We met up with some girlfriends and their little for a Day of Merry Making at a local park and even though it was blazing hot we still had a blast.

Good food, cold drinks, and ice cream for the kids = parental relaxation time

What we do any day we don't have anything else to do. This girl has definitely gained confidence in the water this summer. We decided not to take swimming lessons and I feel like that was the best decided for us. We really didn't care for the forceful way they made her do things she didn't want to do and it made her more afraid of the water. Maybe she was too little or maybe they were really mean, but for us swim lessons did more harm then good. This kid is now a fish and has developed an obsession with the water and she will swim without her puddle jumper when she is stronger and ready.

We recently bought a bike trailer off of a local resale sight and plan on doing some family bike riding on our local green line. It has been a little too hot lately and we have had plans already set every weekend so we are hoping to hit the road soon. We have been practicing in our neighborhood just to get the feel of things and someone has definitely been enjoying the ride.

Mckinley has also been practicing riding her bike with Papa and Yaya and she has gotten pretty good at it. She also got a new to her red flyer for our house and has been flying around the house past few weeks and terrorizing the dogs.

Water balloons with Car Car and Nonni

We have made quite a few blanket forts which are perfect for eating picnic lunches and watching movies with popcorn.

Zoo day with the boys

God bless the bounce house!

I am still not sure if she enjoyed The Pink Palace or was terrified by it.
I am going to go with terrified

 Splash pads and snacks

We are still soaking up every minute of this summer break and have so many more fun things planned!

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Rebekah Gienapp said...

I'm hoping when the Pink Palace gets through it's renovations in the next few years there will be far less creepy stuff and much more kid-oriented stuff. My 3 year old is alternately attracted to and terrified of the T Rex.